On November 9th and 10th, the town of Arfa, Spain, became the national epicenter of Enduro Racing. In the mountains of Ribera d’Urgellet, within the Alt Urgell, Catalonia, Spain, the first SUPER ENDURO ARFA was held, serving as an exciting preamble to the 2014 Catalan Enduro Cup.


A field of more than one hundred riders travelling from all over Spain and France, gathered around the hardest and most technical circuit, keen to race the last event of the racing season.


One timed classification stage and four timed stages plus a Super Pole bonus stage made for dramatic fighting against the clock of truly epic proportions.


Seasoned and well known pro-riders like Roger Gonzalez, Carles Barcons and Ivan Oulego, defined the circuit as being one of the most attractive, fastest, and technical of the season.


Formula Extrem Club, from Garraf’s county, led by Franc Maspons, was in charge of the organization of this event. Coupled with the generous cooperation of Arfa’s people and its city hall, they set a new standard in organizing events of this form of mountain bike racing called Enduro.


General opinion of participants was hugely positive, many of them promising to be back for next year’s event.


Magmasports from Galicia managed the timing and results in an impeccable manner. The event was officialized by the Catalan Federation of Cycling.


Top step of the podium was for the Elite rider Roger Gonzalez, from Wild Wolf Mondraker’s team, with a total time of 21m22s168ml, and 10 second bonus in the Super Pole.


Second place was earned by the veteran rider Carlos Barcons González, from the Intense team with a time of 21m47s002ml+15 seconds bonus in the super pole, and the third place was earned by an enthusiastic master 30 rider, Dani Lechado, from VIladomat-Scott team, with a time of 21m56s463ml, no bonus in the Super Pole.

The special award for best time in Saturday’s classification stage was earned by the legendary Elite rider Ivan Oulego from Massi team, with a time in Freita’s stage of 6m48s463ml.


The first three placings of the Super Pole, which was a special stage for the top 20 scratch riders of the 4 enduro stages, were Carles Barcons in first place, Roger González in second, and the junior rider Guillem Casadevall in third. These riders achieved a bonus time of 15,10 and 5 seconds respectively over their total scratch time. The Super Pole format opens up the chance of changing final results, keeping the emotion of the competition high until the very end of the race.


Beginning with a massive group start, true LeMan’s style, full of emotion and drama. The bonus time earned by the winners was: 15 seconds for first, 10 seconds for 2nd, and 5 seconds for third.

We specially want to thank all our supporters and riders for their enthusiasm and participation. Without them, their passion and courage shown in every single stage of this Super Enduro event, this very special race wouldn’t have been possible.
From the organization, we want to congratulate you, and encourage you to participate and be a part of next year’s event.

Special thanks to all our supporters and sponsors: Diputación de Lleida, Consejo Comarcal de Alt Urgell, Ayuntamiento de Ribera d’Urgellet, Ayuntamiento de La Seu, Galfer Bike, Jorma Bikes Andorra, Guack-Mafriseu, Mavisa, Beci, Tactic Bike, Estrella Galicia, Adernats, All Mountain Style, Maestre Joyeros, Flexic Audiovisuales, Casa Llevet, Helitrans Pyrinees, Dear Mama, Full Mort

All the results can be found on www.magmasports.es

Photos: Jordi Anguera Words: Albert Escoda from Arfa (Riber de Urgellet, Lleida)

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