The Renthal Fatbar is a modern day icon. Look at any arena shot of a World Cup DH winner and chances are you will see a glint of gold from their cockpit. Renthal have now released their new V2 model, wider, stiffer and sexier than ever before.

The new V2 version of the Renthal Fatbar Carbon has now been widened out to 800 mm giving even the tallest riders enough room to customise their grip positions, while still maintaining a 225g weight. The bar features easy-to-use set-up markings so you can cut down the bars to your preferred sizes without stress. Renthal have widened the 31.8 mm central section to improve the strength and stiffness, and the bar is also available in the bigger 35 mm standard.

Now rocking a full 800 mm width, the Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 is strong enough for DH and light enough for anything,

Having ridden Renthal products for a number of years, the new Fatbar Carbon feels almost identical to the outgoing model, which is a very good thing. Although wider, the back and up sweep (7° and 5°) and rise (10, 20, 30, 40 mm available) feel instantly familiar and comfortable. Construction is the same unidirectional carbon fibre, layered to give the bar the desired flex characteristics. We have done a number of rides on the Renthal Fatbar Carbon V2 and, of course, it has been faultless, anything less would be most unexpected. Damping from the bar is very nice, there are stiffer (read harsher) bars on the market but the Renthal offers a great balance between comfort and powerful steering.

The clamping area features an anti-slip textured surface.
easy cutting marks stop you making a mess when you trim the bars down.
The central buldge is now wider for maximum stiffness.

Handlebar choice is always a personal thing, but the Renthal Fatbar Carbon has always been a great setup, and knowing that Aaron Gwin has taken the 2017 UCI World Cup win on the new V2 certainly inspires confidence to press send! Pricing will be £134.95

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