Riding sunglasses shouldn’t just look good, they also have an obligation to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays and anything that could come flying through the air as we’re riding; think branches, flies and territorial squirrels. We’ve tested the Smith PivLock Arena Max to see if they’ve got more than just your cornea covered.

Coming in 12 colours, the sunglasses have an adjustable nosepiece with two positions. Delivered alongside the main pair in the practical (but somewhat bulky) case are two replacement lenses and a bag for your specs. Both the nose and the ear pieces are in rubber to ensure the sunglasses stay firmly in place. Thanks to the adjustable nosepiece, the glasses can easily be altered to fit the various nose shapes that exist, locking comfortably into place each time. The PivLock conforms to most face shapes, although the testers with narrow faces did notice a gap between the lenses and the cheekbone.

Die Smith Pivlock Arena V2 Max ist in 12 verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.
The Smith PivLock Arena Max is available in 12 different colours.

Riders have the choice of completely mirrored, half-mirrored and clear lenses. Swapping these is satisfyingly uncomplicated, although removing the arms does require a little power but you’ll soon get used to it. Thanks to the solid full-glass front, the field of view is vast.

Der Nasenbügel ist verstellbar und rastet dabei spürbar ein.
The nosepieve is adjustable between two positions.

The mirrored Sol-X lens filters out a large proportion of light intensity, and with its mild contrast enhancement, it’s easier to spot those less visible edges when mountain biking in the blazing sun. The half-mirrored Brown lenses are in their element in covered, bright situations, and according to Smith these should heighten your sense of depth – an effect that was only very slightly perceptible during the rounds of testing. The clear lenses offer great sight in poor weather and light conditions, and – just like the other lenses – provide distortion-free sight.

Im Lieferumfang befinden sich zwei Ersatzgläser, sodass man für alle Lichtverhältnisse gewappnet ist.
The glasses come with two additional lenses, making sure there is one for all lighting conditions.

When riding, the PivLock protected the eyes well, without a hint of steaming up on slow, technical sections and climbs. Even when worn for extended periods of time the glasses remained comfy, causing no undue pressure. On really bumpy sections the sunglasses did have a tendency to jump up and down a little – but quite honestly, that was on the sort of terrain when you’d be better off with a full-face helmet and goggles.

Die Form der Brille harmonierte mit den meisten Gesichtsformen.
Most testers had no problems with the fit of the PivLock Arena Max


For 139 €, you’re granted the Smith PivLock Arena Max and its total of three lens choices, a practical case and bag. More than just a good looker, the PivLock dealt well with every possible light condition, winning us over with its comfortable fit and reliable eye protection.

Price: 139 €

Weight: 27 g

Sizes: One Size

More information can be found on smithoptics.com.

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