One thing is clear: the BOS Deville is a looker! Every lever and dial on the elegant red and black fork is intricately machined, as is the very light thru axle.

Die UVP der BOS Deville 160 TRC der 1190 Euro.
The BOS Deville 160 TRC costs 1190 Euro.

And there are plenty of dials: the rebound damping dial at the top of the fork, plus separate high- and low-speed compression damping adjusters at the bottom of the lower legs. A further switch on the fork crown activates the TRC system when desired. This reduces the travel to 110mm and makes the suspension curve steeper. The machined parts all have sharp edges, which make them unpleasant and not very ergonomic to use without gloves.

Filigran gefräste Einstellknöpfe erfreuen den Betrachter. Die Verarbeitungsqualität der BOS stach im Testfeld postiv heraus. test Die Gabel ist durch und durch eine Agenweide.

As you would expect from BOS, the initial movement of the fork can’t be faulted. After a short bedding-in period, the stanchions glide eagerly into the bushings with no noticeable friction. Small hits and bumps are absorbed smoothly by the plush suspension. The story is different for big hits. Contrary to our expectations from earlier tests of the same model, the supposedly potent Deville didn’t succeed in keeping the front end quiet enough in rougher terrain. Our test model seemed overdamped and couldn’t be brought to life even using the various compression damping settings. We believe it could actually be due to the freezing temperatures on test day, which probably affected oil viscosity. The fact that we also had to turn the rebound damping up to maximum to get a suitable rebound speed would also indicate this. We will investigate and test the fork again!


The tested model of the BOS Deville did not meet our high expectations from previous (long-term) tests. The initial responsiveness was impressive, but the fork gave the impression of being overdamped. Expect a follow-up report.

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You can read an in-depth feature about the group test and our conclusions in the actual ENDURO issue #009! As usual it’s free & only digital for iPad, Android-Tablets and Online-Viewer: Issue #009.

Text: Aaron Steinke Pictures: Fabian Rapp