With our “Ride Fit“ series we want to present you with regular useful training tips, helping you get in shape for the next exciting season. Not only will we be bringing you expert advice from some of the sports best trainers, but we will also be going though the process ourselves. Four ENDURO mag editors will be putting their fitness to the test, sharing the highs and the lows of winter training, and you can follow their training reports and keep updated on how the workout program is progressing. Each editor has their own requirements, aims and methods; and just like you will be fitting the training around demanding jobs, it is time to introduce the participants.

Aaron Steinke

Age: 26

Residence: Stuttgart

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With a torn knee ligament during the last round of the European Enduro Series in Treuchtlingen my off season didn’t just start earlier but also quite differently than expected.
During the season I noticed that I lacked sufficient power on the longer stages in order to ride at a constant, active race tempo. I was a passenger not a pilot far too often. Whilst I could push and pull up on training rides, during races I frequently lacked bite and had to ride more carefully. Long transfers and hard climbs on the other hand were never a problem. From a technical point of view I need to get better on flatter trails and on slippery root sections.


Now my main task is to catch up from 10 weeks off the bike. In order to be at least vaguely fit next March when the first races start; endurance training and muscle rebuilding are the main priorities.

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In the coming season I’ll ride a few less races (editors note: 18 in 2014) in order to have time for targeted training during the season. The plan is to complete the whole of the European Enduro Series and to add a few smaller events as well.

Christoph Bayer

Age: 27

Residence: Murnau am Staffelsee

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Whilst most riders have a season-highlight to prepare for, I don’t have a fixed training aim at all. My focus for next year will be to have as much fun on my bike as possible.

Over the years I have noticed however that in-spite of increased training activity my fitness has only marginally improved. So it’s for this reason that I want to structure my winter training for the first time.

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One of my greatest deficits is basic endurance, which can simply be explained by the local geography. Here in the mountains it is just difficult to do a long ride at a low intensity. Every ride, even short ones has a climb that drives your pulse up. In addition over the years I’ve completely ignored the areas of stretching and gym training which I always notice on long descents.


The aim of my winter workouts is to build a base for the upcoming season so that I have better power and endurance and ultimately more fun on the trails. As long sessions on the rollers are not my favourite activity I’ll be doing lots of off-bike training. Cross country skiing, hiking, ice hockey and fitness studio training will be my main occupation.

Daniel Dunn

Age: 42

Residence: Breckenridge / Collorado / USA

Bit of a blustery day in Fruita, CO, but was so psyched to be riding the SB95!

I will be hitting the training regime pretty hard this winter. As a self proclaimed training and fitness junkie, I like to do a little bit of everything, and good thing, because living at 9600 feet in Breckenridge, CO, which is snow covered for eight months of the year, the opportunities to ride bikes can be limited. So the fitness has to stay high in the off season if you’re a cyclist.

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Nordic and downhill skiing, a fair bit of time using free weights, and yoga keep me busy in the winter. This year, some more specifics of working with Dee Tidwell of Enduro MTB Training and a self coached program of twice per week on indoor Wahoo trainers will bring more structure to my program. With the goal of participating in more enduro races in 2015 (three raced in 2014), a cross country stage race (possibly BC Bike Race or Breck Epic) and one multi day super enduro race, the fitness and strength will need to be high and sustainable throughout my race season spanning early April to almost November.

daniel dunn enduro mountain bike racing

Power and downhill skills are definitely my weak points, which makes perfect sense coming from my aerobic and cross country background. That’s why I’ll also be working with skills coach Lee McCormack in the early spring of 2015, trying to bring up that part of my game.
Some simple goals are to finish in upper 50% of my age group as an amateur in all races. Also to improve placings from races I did in 2014.

Trevor Worsey

Age: 36

Residence: Innerleithen / Scotland


When it comes to my fitness, I have always relied on the solid base that I built up working as a guide, surviving with minimal training and structure. Last year I raced in a number of EWS rounds, and though I was pleased with mid-table finishes, the truth was clear to see. I found that I can ride at a steady pace all day, but if I try and push my threshold in a race I am done in seconds; I simply have no fifth gear.


I am really excited about being part of the ‘Ride Fit’ team, and would have liked to say that I am focused on developing extreme fitness for podium domination in 2015; but to be honest I have more pressing issues. After five years working in the mountains, minimal stretching and a couple of bad accidents, my general flexibility and agility are non-existent. I feel like I am always one bad turn away from an injury, and overuse and imbalance issues are messing with both my knees, and my enjoyment on the trails. For 2015 I want to improve my base fitness for racing and adventures, but mainly strengthen my core and become stronger, more flexible, balanced and agile. I think that before I work on more power, I need to build a more balanced foundation.


I am looking forward to trying something new next season and have signed up for a number of 12 and 24 hour races, this will push my endurance to the limit and I need to make sure my body can take the strain.

In the upcoming months, be sure to follow the team through their programs; we hope to give you some exciting and interesting insights into our winter training. Share our ups and downs as we try and get ‘Ride Fit’, and we hope you will join us by integrating the training into your routine; despite the stress of the working life. We will do our best and share our honest results here. Stay tuned!

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