Got tight hips, lower back, or hamstrings? Do these drills to immediately improve your riding! This video will help you get that big hip hinge to help you get that aggressive downhill position did the pro’s do! Watch here. This time you’ll learn how to solve some of the tight hip issues, doing self therapy techniques on your upper hamstrings, glutes and lower back.

Remember: because so many of us mountain bikers spend so much time in a flexed position at our seated workplace, the muscles and connective tissue around the hip muscles gets tight, ropey and stucco. Use these tips to help free daily Those hips and watch how it will improve your riding quickly!

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Here’s what you have to look forward in this video series designed to give you the tools to help your body recover from injury and to be a performance enhancer to your riding and racing:

Video #1- Rebuild, Restore: Lower leg self therapy fixes
Video #2- Fix your Knees for Better Riding Position and Strength
Video #4- Get better shoulder function for riding – the shoulder girdle
Video #5- Get better shoulder function for riding- the rotator cuff
Video #6- Let’s bring it all together! Watch This 8 Exercise Stability Workout for better balance, strength and injury prevention.

Words: Dee Tidwell- Owner of

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