With the Rimpact PRO tire insert, the young British brand has secured victory in several comparison tests over the past few years, which was reason enough for us to pit it against the competition in our 2023 comparison test. How did it fare against its 4 competitors?

Weight 286 g | Width x Depth 52 mm x 30 mm
Impact protection medium | Price € 107.99 | Manufacturer’s Website

If you read the spec sheet of the Rimpact PRO V2, there’s nothing extraordinary about it. At 286 g and € 107.99 for the pair, it stands right in the middle of our test field, both in terms of weight and price. Puncture protection is average too, placing the Rimpact on par with the Pepi’s Tire Noodle. What makes the Rimpact PRO V2 special, however, is that it’s produced in the UK using two different foams densities. As a result, the Rimpact combines a firm outer layer that fends off big impacts and a soft core that’s meant to dampen vibrations. The V2 suffix reveals that this is the second generation of the Rimpact PRO which, according to the manufacturer, was thoroughly revised and improved over the first-gen version. At first glance, however, the two versions appear almost identical. Alongside the PRO variant, there are two more versions of the Rimpact tire insert: the ORIGINAL model, which forgoes the PRO’s reinforced edge, and the EDH version, which was developed specifically to withstand the higher forces of DH bikes and e-bikes. The latter model employs an additional layer, which is slightly wider and made from an even harder, denser foam. All Rimpact versions can be purchased individually or as a pair, and come standard with compatible tubeless valves.

Installing the Rimpact PRO V2 tire insert

The Rimpact PRO V2 also sits in the midfield of this test for ease of installation. Given the insert’s flat outer profile, it’s advisable to sit one tire bead into the rim before pulling the insert over the edge – just like with Pepi’s Tire Noodle. Due to its softer core, the Rimpact PRO V2 is easier to stretch over the rim than CushCore or the Technomousse, but still harder to fit than the PTN.

The Rimpact PRO V2 tire insert on the trail

The Rimpact PRO V2 lags behind its tougher competitors in the lab but really shows its strengths on the trail. Despite the relatively low weight, it provides good vibration damping, effectively preventing hand fatigue, even on long, tortuous descents. The Rimpact insert also ensures more composed handling, allowing you to hold your line more accurately in fast, rough trail sections. Moreover, it lets you run lower tire pressures, thus improving traction noticeably. In terms of impact protection, the PRO V2 can’t quite keep up with the two heavyweights in this test, the Technomousse and CushCore, but it has significantly more benefits than the PTN on the trail, despite falling into roughly the same weight category.


On paper, the Rimpact PRO V2 doesn’t look as exciting as some of its competitors, sitting right in the middle of this test field in terms of price, weight and puncture protection. Once you take it to the trail, however, it’s a whole different story. Here the Rimpact PRO V2 provides efficient vibration damping, better traction and more composed handling – all of this in a significantly lighter package than its heavy-duty competitors. A well-deserved Best in Test!


  • Excellent trail performance
  • Relatively light
  • Relatively easy installation


  • Not the best impact protection

For more info, visit rimpactmtb.com.

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Words: Simon Kohler Photos: Mike Hunger

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