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The Lab: RapidRacerProducts ProGuard MAX PROTECTION Review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the RapidRacerProducts ProGuard MAX PROTECTION fared.

The irony of riding in super wet conditions is that, just when you really need eye protection, you can’t use glasses because they steam up and get crap on the lenses. RRP’s new, full coverage, ProGuard is designed, as you may have guessed by its name, to give you maximum protection from flying muck and it certainly is a big boy! It does add 133 g to your bike but this is still significantly less weight than being drenched and covered in mud.

Maximum protection means maximum size
The RRP ProGuard MAX PROTECTION offers decent tire clearance
Mud everywhere – except in Tom’s face

Fitting was straightforward; there are loads of pre-scored and untapped guide holes, which allow easy fitting without leaving your guard looking like black Swiss cheese. Clearance was good with 2.4” – 2.6” tyres. Even when used with a 2.8 Schwalbe Magic Mary on a 35 mm internal width rim, there was still enough room so that it never clogged. The polypropylene material is stiffer than cheaper plastics without being brittle and, combined with enough zip-ties, it stayed in place without rattling and didn’t get ripped off in thick mud. Aesthetically, it is what it is and you will probably run one because you have to, not because you think they look good. We originally ran ours black, because we are hardcore, but for all of you that love pretty colours, you can choose the appropriate sticker to match your wheel decals.


Over the test period, Tom didn’t get any shit in his eyes all winter; no glasses, super wet, crazy muddy, nothing on face. If you can stand to put one on, it will protect you and your bike from the very worst of conditions.


  • Works fantastic
  • Easy to fit


  • Looks like a mudguard

Tester: Trev
Duration: 3 months
More info:

Price: € 30.70 + € 5.11 for coloured stickers
Weight: 133g (without zip ties)

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Words: Thomas Corfield Photos: Trev Worsey