Trans-Nomad is a new enduro event host in Spain to discover and explore some of the most spectacular ascents and descents of the Pyrenees Aragones. This event will have limited number of participants to spend four days in a base camp enjoying this adventure. This is the proposal of the Trans-Nomad Powered by Fox, an event staged enduro whose format will be a pioneer in Spain and which will be held on 15-18 September 2016.

Update: Registration now opened!

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Sherpa Project, responsible for Spain Enduro Series and Inizia Turismo, responsable for Puro Pirineo Trail Center, are the companies behind this new enduro event in Spain. Fox Factory Spain/Bicimax will be tne main sponsor of this adventure reserved only for 70 riders during 4 days in the Pyreness Aragonés.

Guti Martín from Sherpa Project: “After my experience as a rider in these competitions, we wanted to do something similar in Spain and to offer a unique and different enduro event in our country “, Javier García from Inizia Turismo: “the Pyrenees Aragonés is one of the best international spot for the development of an event that combines the diversity of landscapes and land of high mountains with long and wild trails, perfect to enjoy a real descent with a enduro bike”.

Francisco Comuñas from Bicimax, “rather than a competition is an adventure where not only the winner will be rewarded; It is an extraordinary challenge that will require speed, but also mental and physical strength and high doses of fellowship. ”

During the competition the participants will face 12 special stages, over 170 km between links and special to accumulate 6,000 meters positive and negative slope 8,000 meters.

Trans-Nomad as other enduro multiday competititon like Trans-provence in France or Andes Pacífico in Chile, aims to become a reference and to capture the attention of enduro fans around Europe who wish to live a unique experience in an environment with a clear philosophy of adventure, exploration and fellowship.

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For more information visit the Trans-Nomad Website.

Words & Photos: Trans Nomad

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