Have you ever wanted to give enduro racing a go, but are a little too nervous to take the plunge? Do you want to benefit from some great coaching in an inclusive environment full of laughs, fun and a total ban on macho behaviour? If so, No-Fuss have just the weekend for you – it’s time to introduce Camp Enduro!

No Fuss: “Enduro is much more than a race, it’s the biggest thing that has happened on the mountain bike scene in years, it’s a scene within a scene and we want you to be a part of it. So, in partnership with Dunoon Presents we are bringing Enduro with a twist to the forests of the Cowal Peninsula.”

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Camp Enduro is a way to celebrate people who love to ride bikes, people who have fun and who might even want to try a race one day. The weekend is for anyone with beginner to intermediate skill levels on a bike and will give you the chance to ride and learn new skills in a friendly and supportive environment. It’s an opportunity to not only spend the day on your bike with plenty of friends, but it is also a day to push yourselves out of your comfort zones, enjoy plenty of laughs, support our fellow riders and embrace the enduro love. Please note that there will be no place for Macho behaviour. This being Camp Enduro there is an expectation that the ladies will be sporting the finest Euro Moustaches and Gentlemen must wear a splendid tutu.

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The idea behind Camp Enduro is all about fun and learning, we will have some well known faces of the MTB coaching world on hand for those who want to look at the techniques and the skills that help make racing an enduro more enjoyable. The coaches will take you through each of the stages looking at the technical features, where to get that extra pedal stroke and what pace is required to ensure you get to the end in good shape. If you choose to have coaching you and the coaches will have exclusive access to the stages throughout the Saturday before the race. There will be plenty of time, so you won’t be rushed through practice. If coaching is not for you, but you would still like to give the race a go, there will be an open practice session from 1400 to 1800 on the Saturday.

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On Saturday evening we will have an evening of entertainment and a meal in the Argyll Hotel in Dunoon, where you can also take the option of staying the night. The evening will include a selection of films and some speakers. You will also be able to chat over the days coaching with each other and the coaches.

On Sunday Morning, it will be race day. After a leisurely breakfast and timing chip collection, everyone will head out together to race. The lap should take around 3 -4 Hours (approx 12miles/ 20km with 2800FT/850m Accent), after which we will have podium presentations.

We see this weekend as an introduction to enduro racing. You might never have entered a race before, or perhaps you have and thought that’s a bit much? Come along to Camp Enduro and you will be given the opportunity to give racing and some technical riding a try at your own pace and with the chance to ask questions and test your skills without the fear of being rushed by faster riders.

For more information and entries head to the No Fuss website, or give us a ring in the office on 01397 772899.

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Words and Photos: No Fuss

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