On gravel and on snow, in 2015 the Dolomites host a mountain bike race like no other…

Climbing the Tre Cime di Lavaredo is every mountain biker’s dream. The outline of those remarkable mountains seen from afar, the ascents, the struggling, the thinner air – incredible emotions coming up when reaching the top and admiring the stunning views, knowing to have achieved a great challenge. The Dolomites were a forbidden dream for bikers, but in 2015 this dream will finally come true, thanks to the efforts of Pedali di Marca and the Auronzo di Cadore municipality who organize two spectacular and unmissable races.

The reward for the climb is the spectacular view!
The reward for the climb is the spectacular view!

Auronzo di Cadore, Italy, 05 September 2015

This is the first mountain bike race taking place entirely in the Tre Cime area, allowing participants to ride on trails where mountain bikes are usually strictly forbidden, like the climb to Forcella Alta del Monte Piana. 2,999 are the available starting spots, and so is the altitude of the Tre Cime; 2,500 were already given away in the first days when registration started. Two different courses are offered: the short distance with 56 km and 2,200 climbing meters and the longer 85 km distance with 3,400 climbing meters. The race course starts off in Auronzo di Cadore, the Pian dei Buoi climb, and heads to the final Tre Cime climb, part of Giro d’Italia history. As a surprise, the finish is located on the descent, on the stirring Vallon de Lavaredo Supertrail, a 1,000 m long descent to prove real mountain bike skills.


3Epic Winter Ride
Misurina Lake, Auronzo di Cadore, Italy, 08 February 2015

A preview of the 3Epic is happening this February for 200 brave ones who do not fear the cold and strive for a unique adventure – a ride on the frozen surface of a lake surrounded by a wintery snowy landscape where the only sound you hear is the cracking of the ice under spiked tires.

Riders get to enjoy the peaks of the Dolomites while tearing up the snow-covered trails.
Riders get to enjoy the peaks of the Dolomites while tearing up the snow-covered trails.

A breathtaking course of 25 km starts on the frozen surface of the lake and leads over the surrounding trails, the Torre del Diavolo climb, the Pian degli Spiriti, the Val Rimbianco snowmobile tracks, and the final climb to the Auronzo hut at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.
This race is for fat bikes and mountain bikes with spiked tires. It’s an open fun competition, where enjoying a unique experience is more important than defeating the opponents.


For more information, registration and fat bike rental go to www.3epic.it

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