A challenge only for the bravest

The Titan Desert by GARMIN, the only mountain bike stage race disputed in the desert, reaches its 10th edition in 2015. Commonly known as the “Dakar for cyclists”, the race is considered to be one of the toughest in the world and has become an international reference, bringing together the best bikers from around the world year after year.

Racers are "titans" united by the struggle and achievement.
Racers are “titans” united by the struggle and achievement.

The Titan Desert by GARMIN is a race open to all fans of cycling, sports and self-sacrifice. More than anything, it’s a test of personal improvement, a struggle and a personal challenge. But it’s also about the challenge of accomplishing what few people in the world have managed to achieve, and of course tackling the desert, the excruciating heat and the backbreaking distances under the worst imaginable conditions.

A race for those looking for an outstanding sense of accomplishment.
A race for those looking for an outstanding sense of accomplishment.

In spite of how it may appear, the Titan Desert by GARMIN is not only for superhumans. It’s a race for those prepared to make a sacrifice to reap a reward. It’s for those searching for something unique. The vast majority of the competitors return home with a feeling of having achieved something remarkable, something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives


A unique experience

From April 27th to May 2nd more than 500 bikers will battle it out over more than 600km, where they have to endure the most extreme conditions and the gruelling heat of the desert. The most spectacular and perhaps most difficult stage of the race will be disputed in the pass through the famous Erg Chebbi dunes.

The the type of terrain that normally host mountain bikers!
The the type of terrain that normally host mountain bikers!

The Titan desert by GARMIN is not just about pedalling; it’s also a race where the coexistence among competitors recaptures a special meaning. The ‘titans’, amateurs and professionals will live together for six days in a nomadic city that moves with the rhythm of the race and where the haimas represent the epitome of the adventure.

The nomadic village.
The nomadic village.

Haimas were originally used by the Berbers to shelter from the glaring daylight sun and the cold and wind of the night. So, for the titans these tents made from camel wool and goat hair will become a resting place for the riders between stages as they wait and prepare for another stage of suffering.

Amateur competitors, professional cyclists

The spirit of the race embodies the efforts of all involved, the majority of whom cross the finishing line and also those who aim to prove to themselves that they can do something that only few others can achieve. These are the people who have been and are the true soul of a race that also counts on the attraction of having the presence of great riders like Roberto Heras – 4 times winner of the Vuelta a España, Oscar Pereiro – Winner of the Tour de France, Laurent Jalabert – winner of stages in the Tour de France, Vuelta a España and the Giro de Italia, and Claudio Chiapucci, who was on the podium 3 times in the Tour de France.

Racing in the desert can be grueling...
Racing in the desert can be grueling…

Titan Solidarity

Solidarity initiatives have grown hand in hand with the Titan Desert by GARMIN over the years. Since the very first edition back in 2006 we have been expanding on humanitarian initiatives to serve the people of Morocco. For RPM Events, the race organisers, it has always been a top priority to give back something to this country that has given us so much year after year.


Since 2012, the project “Volver a oír para volver a vivir” (Hear again, live again) has been active in fighting against hearing problems among people in the towns and villages close to where the race passes.

“Volver a oír para volver a vivir” (Hear again, live again)
“Volver a oír para volver a vivir” (Hear again, live again)

Become part of the legend

If you would like to take part in the Titan desert by GARMIN and become a part of the legend, please visit the official web for more information: www.titandesert.com


Photos: Titan Desert by GARMIN

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