Throughout the 2014 POC Scottish Enduro Series, there was an amazing turnout from the girls! Each round had at least 20 girls signed up ready for action, on whatever was thrown at them. Throughout the category there was some stiff competition, with some very close times and even some draws on time. This was a great start to the series, and a huge thanks goes out to all of you who took part.

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But, the SES wants more! More girls racing, more encouragement for each other and more muddy bums! For 2015 the Scottish Enduro Series wants to encourage more girls to get into the sport and experience the thrill and enjoyment of racing Enduro.
So, to help try to do that, and after a bit of research with the ladies, the categories have been changed to reflect the women that are competing and to hopefully increase their chances of achieving podium success.

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The first category will be for the Under 21’s. This will replace last year’s junior category and will allow younger racers a bit more time to hone their race craft before heading into the Senior category. We also found the junior category to be quite small this year, so hopefully with this change we will see more competition for the young guns.

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The next category will be Senior 22-39. This is likely to be the biggest category as it has the biggest range, but will the fastest lady be in here? The third category, also new for 2015, will be Veteran 40+. In the words of one of our regular racers, ‘It’s nice to know how you are doing against other ladies of the same vintage!’

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It has been decided that there won’t be an Elite category for the women this year, although it’s inclusion is likely for next year. Fiona Beattie from the Scottish Enduro Series had this to say, ‘For this year, just the second year of the series, we want to encourage women to keep racing and improving their skills and confidence, before moving into the ‘big’ category. What we will be having though is a CASH prize for the fastest overall female, regardless of category. This will be the same amount as the in the men’s race. We really hope to see the numbers of female riders growing over this next year. Enduro is such a fun, social and exciting format of racing we think everyone should try it.’

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ALSO, the exciting news doesn’t finish there. This news is for all the budding MTB film makers out there…..Frazer Coupland from the Series explains:

‘This year, together with Singletrack Bikes in Midlothian, we know we are going to produce an event video from each round of the series. What we don’t know though, is who is going to make them! We would love to hear from you if you are up for travelling to all of the races in the SES this year and producing a race video from each. You will be paid and your expenses covered, we just need the commitment from you to be at all of the rounds, and be able to edit and release the film by the Tuesday after the race. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us the video you’re most proud of and we will choose from them all to pick the lucky winner.’

If you want more information or want to send your video and put yourself forward for this excellent opportunity, please get in touch by emailing:

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