With the launch of the EPD, the ‘Espresso Push Dropper’ at the current Sea Otter Festival, Marzocchi have presented the public with their very first adjustable dropper post. With hydraulic internals adjusted by cable from the bar-mounted lever, the post will be available with either internal or external cables.

Marzocchi stellte auf dem Sea Otter Festival ihre erst hydraulische Sattelstütze vor.
Marzocchi presents their first dropper post at this year’s Sea Otter Festival.

During the development stages, Marzocchi placed huge value on reliability and consequently opted for a sealed hydraulic cartridge in order prolong the post’s service life. The EPD has over 125mm of continuously-adjustable drop, controlled by a handlebar-mounted lever.

Die EPD-Sattelstütze verfügt über das von Marzocchi bekannte Espresso Coating.
The EPD post comes with Marzocchi’s well-known Espresso coating.
Der Kopf der Stütze bietet 15mm Setback und eine stufenlose Verstellung des Sattelwinkels.
The post has 15mm offset and the seat angle can also be adjusted freely.

To keep the post as simple as possible, Marzocchi decided to make it cable-operated, forfeiting a hydraulic system, like the Reverb, in favour of increased serviceability. Moreover, to guarantee a longer lifespan and minimal friction, Marzocchi’s Espresso coating, known from its forks and shocks, has been used on the EPD.

Der Remote-Hebel der Espresso Push Dropper.
The remote lever for the Espresso Push Dropper.
Der Kabelzug wird - je nach Modell - entweder extern am Stützenkopf oder intern von unten an die Stütze angeschlossen.
The cable – depending on the model – will either be attached internally or externally to the seat clamp.

With 15mm of offset, the head of the post has been CNC machined and offers continuously adjustable drop. Coming in two sizes (30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter), the Marzocchi EPD can also come with internal or external cables.

Text: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Robin Schmitt

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