One thing is certain: The Sea Otter Festival 2015 is all about the new plus-size tires. Yesterday we wrote about the all-new Rocky Mountain Sherpa and presented you our first riding impressions of the Specialized Enduro with 6Fattie 27.5+ tires. Today Schwalbe has some exciting news: Both their Nobby Nic and their Rocket Ron lineup will be available in two plus-sizes.

IMG_2961-Sea otter 2015 schwalbe plus-size tyre 27.5+ 27+ reifen

Both the Rocket Ron and the Nobby Nic will be availabe in 27.5×2.8″ and 27,5×3.0″. Schwalbe choose to offer more than one Plus size to fullfill the needs of sportive (2.8″) but also more comfort-oriented (3.0″) riders. Schwalbe recommends a minimum inner rim width of 40mm.

While you still recognize the well-known profile patterns at the plus tires, Schwalbe did more than just “blowing up” the regular tires. Knobs were sized down and their positions changed slightly to adapt to the immense area of contact the plus tires offer.

IMG_2962-Sea otter 2015 schwalbe plus-size tyre 27.5+ 27+ reifen

Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5+

  • available in 27.5″x2.8″ und 27.5″x3.0″
  • proven tread with wide range of applications
  • optional in PaceStar & TrailStar Compound
  • optional in SnakeSkin/TL-Easy & Performance version
  • Available in Fall 2015 (Eurobike)
  • Weight: 820 g (27.5×2.8, EVO, SnakeSkin / TL-Easy, PaceStar) / 870 g ((27.5×3.0, EVO, SnakeSkin / TL-Easy, PaceStar)
IMG_2970-Sea otter 2015 schwalbe plus-size tyre 27.5+ 27+ reifen

Schwalbe Rocket Ron 27.5+

  • Available in 27.5″x2.8″ und 27.5″x3.0″
  • incredible grip with low weight and rolling resistance
  • Pace Star Triple Compound
  • optional in SnakeSkin/TL-Easy, LiteSkin & Performance version
  • Available in Fall 2015 (Eurobike)
  • weight: 695g (27.5×2.8, EVO, LiteSkin, PaceStar) / 785g ((27.5×2,8, EVO, SnakeSkin / TL-Easy, PaceStar), add around 40 g per tire for the 3.0″ version
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 27.5+
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 27.5+

Words: Aaron Steinke Photos: Robin Schmitt

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