Kids Ride Shotgun have just launched two new products, aimed at any next-generation shredder who’s little legs struggle on the steep climbs. With the Shotgun Tow Rope, you can give your child a helping hand on the climb, keeping their energy for what really matters – the downhill! Let’s be honest, who really enjoys riding uphill anyway?

The Shotgun Tow rope lets you give your child a helping hand on steep climbs, allowing you to take on bigger adventures than ever before!

You’ve never heard of Kids Ride Shotgun? The Kiwi brand made a name for themselves with their Kids Ride Shotgun Seat which won the Best Buy award in our last kids MTB seat group test. But what happens when your kid becomes too big to ‘ride shotgun’ in front of you? In our interview, the team promised to come up with new interesting products for kids of all ages, allowing you to spend more time riding with them throughout their childhood.

Dan Necken and Tom Hayward, the creators of the Shotgun Kids MTB Seat. Find out more about what drives them in our interview.

Well, Kids Ride Shotgun have just delivered on their promise with these two products, starting with the Shotgun Tow Rope! The Tow Rope attaches to the saddle of your bike and is connected to your little shredder’s stem via a shock-absorbing rope that stretched to just over three meters when in use. The setup is rated to 225 kg, meaning it’s also suitable for big kids too (that’s you 😉). The Tow Rope weighs in at 250 g (including carabiner and stem-loop), measures just 1.7 meters unstretched and costs € 60.

The Shotgun Tow Rope attaches to your saddle…
And attaches to the paracord stem-loop on your little shredder’s bike!
The shock-absorbing rope is just 1.7 meters long unstretched…
… and stretches to 3.1 meters in use.

As well as the Tow Rope, the Kiwi brand have also introduced a funky kids MTB hip pack. Sporting the Shred Til Bed animal print and waterproof zippers and outer, the Shotgun Kids MTB Hip Pack is designed for mountain bike kids of all ages, offering them a convenient place to store snacks, spares or the Tow Rope. The Hip Pack retails for € 35 on its own and is also available to buy as a bundle with the Tow Rope, which costs € 85 in total.

The Shotgun Kids MTB Hip Pack features a waterproof zip and material as well as a funky design!

In our opinion, the Kids Ride Shotgun Tow Rope is a great way of helping your kids enjoy their ride a little more. By taking the sting out of long climbs and steep ramps, you not only help them conserve energy for the descents but also open up the possibility of longer rides and bigger smiles! As Shotgun say: they don’t just sell a product but also more time spent with your kids. We believe the Tow Rope certainly delivers on that promise!

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Words: Photos: Christoph Bayer