Singletrack Switzerland: An Epic Mountain Bike Adventure

Switzerland is usually associated with chocolate, skiing, and fondue; leading bike manufacturer BMC and Teton Gravity Research (TGR) are about to shatter that perception. On March 16, TGR will release a three-part webisode series that follows a small group of pro BMC athletes as they experience everything Switzerland has to offer by mountain bike.

The mountain bike experience in Switzerland offers opportunities North American riders can only imagine. Nothing beats taking public transportation–including funiculars, gondolas, and trains–to shuttle a descent over 6,000 vertical feet. In a single day, a rider can travel from ancient farming trails, to technical no fall-zones. There is never a shortage of cultural and exhilarating experience in a single ride.

“It’s safe to say that some of the most life-affirming moments I’ve ever had riding a bike happened in Switzerland last fall,” says TGR’s Editorial and Community Manager, Ryan Dunfee. “The mountains are the culture of this country, and you feel it at every moment, from the sheer scale of your surroundings to the nonchalant—yet absurd—quantity of good trails to the delicious farm-fresh fondue made from the milk of cows that graze the same alpine meadows you charge through on your bike. The instant access via train, tram, gondola, and funicular to descents that dropped almost 5,000 vertical feet is simply unparalleled in North America. It’s hard not to feel that life is good, and that life is right, when you’re riding a bike through the Swiss Alps.”

Words: TGR PR