When attaching the SKS mudguard to your bike, you have the choice between Velcro, cable ties, and bolts. That way you can adapt the mudguard to your needs, and either bolt it to the bike permanently for the winter, or quickly attach it on a rainy day.

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Price: € 29.99 | Weight: 120–147g | Length: 490 mm | Manufacturer’s website

SKS are a huge bike accessory company that offer everything a biker’s heart desires, from pumps to luggage racks, bottle cages, mudguards, and fenders. SKS manufacture the MUDROCKER FRONT in Germany. For € 29.99 you get a 490 mm long mudguard and all the necessary hardware to secure the mudguard with either cable ties, Velcro, or bolts. To prevent your fork lowers from getting scratched, there are two small pieces of protective film as well as two small foam pads included. Due to the different attachment options, the weight varies between 120 and 147 g, which makes the SKS ⁠mudguard one of the heavier models in the test field.

Installing the SKS MUDROCKER FRONT mudguard

Due to the universal fit of the SKS MUDROCKER, there are very few suspension forks that it isn’t compatible with. Only forks like the upside-down models from Intend and Bright, or the Manitou Mezzer with its reversed fork bridge aren’t compatible. The MUDROCKER offers three different mounting options: Velcro, cable ties, and bolts. The fastest and preferred mounting method is the Velcro option, using the three supplied straps. They’re rubberised to prevent slippage and equipped with a loop so that you can cinch them down tightly. The Velcro straps work well on the fork lowers, but the strap for the crown is a bit too long, letting it stick out. The length of the Velcro strip is somewhat short too, though this never caused any problems during our tests. If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, you can also replace the straps with cable ties. Alternatively, you can also bolt the mudguard to your fork bridge. To do so, you’ll need a fork from RockShox, FOX, or Öhlins with two threads. Unfortunately, a RockShox ZEB and Lyrik doesn’t work because it has three threads in the fork bridge. We were able to attach the adapter to a current FOX 36/38 and RockShox BoXXer. If you have a compatible fork, you must first attach the adapter to the mudguard. Then you can bolt the mudguard to the fork bridge. For a secure fit, it must also be tightened to the lowers with Velcro or cable ties.

The included Velcro straps make it easy to tighten the SKS MUDROCKER.
The mudguard can also be bolted on, but Velcro or cable ties are still required on the fork lowers.

The SKS MUDROCKER FRONT mudguard on the trail

Once installed, the mudguard proved to sit securely on the fork during our workshop rattle test. The same held true on the trails, making for a pleasantly rattle-free and quiet ride. The SKS also provided convincing protection, keeping our faces clean in even the most adverse conditions. That said, its effectiveness, just like its length, falls slightly short of the protection offered by the Mucky Nutz and Mudhugger. However, the SKS MUDROCKER outshines the remainder of the test field, and also keeps the fork seals free of mud.

Our conclusion on the SKS MUDROCKER FRONT mudguard

The SKS MUDROCKER FRONT performed convincingly throughout. It provides excellent protection for both your face and fork seals. It’s also the fastest mudguard to fit on test, and requires no tools thanks to the Velcro straps. This means that you can quickly mount the MUDROCKER to the fork on a wet day. If you’re going to leave mudguard on your bike for more than a day, you can attach it with cable ties or bolts. It’s the deserved Best in Test!


  • fastest assembly
  • good protection
  • doesn’t rattle


  • always requires Velcro straps for the fork lowers
  • bolt-on adapter doesn’t fit the RockShox ZEB and Lyrik

For more information, visit the SKS website.

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Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Simon Kohler