The Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard adds a splash of colour to your life! In addition to a wide range of stock options, Slicy also allow you to upload your own custom designs. That way you can immortalise your dog or express your love for falafels. Can the mudguard also keep up with the competition in terms of protection or has the function given way to form?

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Price: € 23.90/29.90 (standard/custom) | Weight: 52 g | Length: 350 mm | Manufacturer’s website

Slicy are a French company that specialise in customisable frame, fork, and crank protectors. But their portfolio doesn’t stop there. The company from the French Alps also offer mudguards and several other products, all of which are customisable. There are no limits with the user-friendly configurator, allowing you to let your imagination run wild: various design elements, text fields with an easily customisable font, and your own images can all be printed on the mudguard. Slicy don’t rely on hard plastic, choosing a flexible material instead, like Riesel Design. This is also reflected in the weight, tipping the scales at just 52 g. And this is despite measuring 350 mm, on par with the heavier Mudguard from FOX. At that length, however, you might run into problems with some modern chairlifts where you hook the front wheel into a bracket. To lend the mudguard the necessary stability and strength, it relies on strategically placed bends. If you go for one of the standard designs, the mudguard is priced at € 23.90, or you can pay € 29.90 for a custom mudguard.

Fitting the Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard

The Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard uses the traditional attachment style with four cable ties. Two of the enclosed cable ties go around the fork bridge, and one each around a lowers. The initial installation takes a little more time and effort because you must fold it first. To do so, bend the mudguard along the indicated lines and hold it there until it retains the desired shape. Nevertheless, installing it only takes a few minutes, and the mudguard is compatible with almost all forks. Unfortunately, like all mudguards that rely on cable ties, it rubs against the fork lowers, leaving unsightly scratches.

For added stability, the mudguard must be pre-folded.
You can let your imagination run wild with the online configurator.

The Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard on the trail

Once the mudguard is folded correctly and attached to the bike, you can enjoy the trails in peace and quiet. The mudguard offers a decent level of protection and keeps your vision a little clearer when things get wet, similar to the Riesel Design kol:oss and the RockShox Fender. The equally long FOX Mudguard performs slightly better than the Slicy Enduro/DH Long, which is due to its greater width. The Slicy keeps your fork seals well protected from dirt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with protective tape or padding for your fork, eventually leaving unsightly scratches on the lowers. To prevent this, it’s worth resorting to a bit of heli tape or padding of your own.

Our conclusion on the Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard

With the Slicy Enduro/DH Long mudguard you can let your imagination run wild and come up with a unique design of your own. The configurator is clear and easy to use. The installation takes a little longer than other cable-tie mudguards, and the Slicy isn’t made for frequent mounting and dismounting. Furthermore, the Slicy mudguard isn’t compatible with modern bike park chair lifts due to its considerable length. Unfortunately, it’s also less protective than other, comparably long mudguards.


  • fully customisable design
  • lightweight
  • quiet


  • not as protective as other equally long models
  • scratches the fork

For more information, visit the Slicy website.

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Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Simon Kohler