Way more than just a manufacturer of enduro and downhill bikes, Solid are also the first bike company to release a heavy metal record. “Ride fucking downhill” is their track, and its message is pretty clear. Based in the Black Forest, Solid’s heavy metal attitude appears in their enduro model too, so we were excited to see how the Solid Magix Comp lives up to its hype.

Solid Magix Comp | Travel 160/175 mm | Price € 2,499 | Weight 14.87 kg
Solid Magix Comp | Travel 160/175 mm | Price € 2,499 | Weight 14.87 kg
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What with black being the only real colour for fans of hard rock, there’s no point wasting your time looking for flashes of colour on the Magix. The spec reads well: high-quality RockShox suspension, SRAM brakes, and Reverse components.

Solid Magix Comp action shot

But as the bike features a whopping 175 mm of travel, our testers did bemoan the lack of a 1x drivetrain – a set-up that’s only available on the significantly more expensive, top-of-the-range 3,260 € version. Even with such long travel, the Magix isn’t averse to some relaxed pedaling uphill. The short frame (reach 433 mm, size large) dishes up a comfy, compact riding position, and even technical climbs are easily within its capabilities. The high bottom bracket reduces the risk of catching your cranks or pedals on roots or rocks, but on descents it teams with the high top tube to give the rider the sense of being on the bike rather in it.
The Magix handles with precision and speed, and is more than receptive to the rider’s input; however, it’s still a bit lumbering at times. At high speeds the Magix stays smooth, largely due to the slack 65.5° head angle. The suspension shone throughout the test, with the 175 mm used effectively and serving out masses of traction without being imprecise. The Magix keeps firmly planted to the ground and is forgiving even on the trail’s biggest bumps.

Riding the Solid Magix Comp

Details of the Solid Magix Comp

Solid Magix Comp replacement derailleur hanger

Lifesaver: Hidden under the bottom bracket is a true lifesaver: a replacement derailleur hanger. Solid have cleverly located it in a hassle-free location. You’ll forget it’s there until you need it, and then you can thank your lucky socks that your ride doesn’t have to be ruined.

Solid Magix Comp remote lever for seatpost

Fragile: The remote lever for the stock Fast Ace dropper post was already broken when the testing started; although the seatpost still worked, you needed to use more force to sink it.

Solid Magix Comp suspension

Impressive: The Magix boasts a seriously capable suspension platform at the rear. Not only can the Magix ride wholly uninfluenced by your pedaling (even with the 175 mm of travel), but it’s also super-responsive and generous with feedback.

Solid Magix Comp cockpit

Crammed: The Reverse cockpit on the Solid Magix is just too busy – and not just because of the number of cables, but also due to the mass of logos from the various components. Remember, less is more!

Specification: Solid Magix Comp

  • Fork: RockShox Pike RC 160 mm
  • Shock: RockShox Monarch RT3 (175 mm rear wheel travel)
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X9 2×10
  • Brakes: SRAM Guide RS
  • Seatpost: Fastace Hydraulic
  • Stem: Reverse S-Trail
  • Handlebar: Reverse Blackline
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Hans Dampf
  • Wheelsize: 27.5″
  • Wheelset: Reverse 650B
  • Weight: 14.78 kg
  • Price: € 2,499
Solid Magix Geometry

Conclusion on the Solid Magix Comp

The Solid Magix Comp delivers exactly what it promises. In true heavy metal style, it’s brutally honest and quick, but sadly – if we’re talking fashion – it looks a bit out of touch. The spec and geometry are home to a few minor weaknesses, but the bike is still a predictable and balanced ride, mainly thanks to its superb suspension.


  • Plush rear end
  • Climbs well
  • Dishes up a lot of stability


  • High bottom bracket
  • 2×10 drivetrain
  • Heavy

More information on the Magix Comp can be found on the Solid website.

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This bike was part of our Group Test: Ten Trail & Enduro Bikes 2016 under €2599.

All bikes tested: Bergamont Trailster 6.0 | Canyon Spectral AL 7.0 EX | COMMENCAL Meta AM V4 | Focus SAM Ltd. | Ghost SL AMR 5 | GIANT Trance 2 Ltd | Propain Tyee Comp | Radon Slide 150 8.0 HD | Rose Uncle Jimbo 1

Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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