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SPANK Vibrocore Spike 35 bars in review

It’s easy to become a little sceptical of ‘new’ and innovative technologies, especially ones that claim to have properties that are difficult to quantify. Inside SPANK’s Spike 35 bar is where the real magic (or is it?) happens, with a Vibrocore foam filling that claims to absorb vibrations and minimise arm pump and hand numbness.

Targeted at the heavy duty user, SPANK’s Spike 35 bar is a whopping 820 mm wide with a 35 mm clamp diameter and 25 mm rise. The 5° up- and 8° back sweep feels immediately familiar and should suit most riders. Made from Zirconium 7-series alloy, the bar weighs in at 312 g and has etched cut marks down to 760 mm. Using Vibrocore inside the bar is claimed to improve strength, allowing SPANK to use thinner tubing on their bars without compromising fatigue life and durability. Vibrocore is a proprietary, biodegradable foam adding around 25 g to each bar. The foam is lab tested and proven to reduce the short term effects of hand pump. But how does it shape up on the trails?

Nice sweep and rise
At 820 mm wide with a 35 mm clamping diameter and 25 mm rise, 5° up and 8° back sweep the handlebar feels comfortable and familiar.
Secrets inside
The SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocore bar is filled with vibration absorbing foam, allowing thinner, more compliant tubing to be used.
35 mm compliance
Even with the bigger 35 mm clamp diameter, the SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocore bars offer a smooth and compliant ride.

Whether it’s the result of the Vibrocore foam or the thinner walls used in the tubing, in back-to-back tests with other 35 mm carbon bars and leading aluminium bars like the Renthal Fatbar we were highly impressed. The SPANK Spike 35 bar feels direct with no unwanted flex at the grips, but we did perceive fewer vibrations coming through the bar. It’s a bold claim for us to make and without scientific data it’s hard to avoid the placebo effect, but we do think there is something to the Vibrocore filling. The high-frequency vibrations feel less pronounced, and the front end feels quieter and more composed. Impressive indeed. Several bars on the market offer a nicely damped ride, but the SPANK Vibrocore is one of the best while remaining affordable too.

The combination of Vibrocore and thinner sidewalls do add an observable dose of compliance and damping to the SPANK Spike 35 bar. Standing in stark contrast to other super stiff 35 mm bars on the market, anyone looking to minimise arm pump should check the SPANK Spike out.


  • noticeably damped feeling
  • nice rise and back sweep
  • affordable


  • Vibrocore does add weight

Tester Trev
Duration 3 months
Price € 112
Weight: 312 g
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