Pole Bicycles are working on a new 180-180mm 29-inch superbike. Using their radical machining fabrication process, in just one month the new Pole Stamina has gone from concept to ridable prototype. The bike is already out in the public domain, so we have sniffed out all the details.

Pole Bicycles do things differently. Innovator Leo Kokkonen is a hard man to keep up with, after bringing radical geometry to the mainstream four years ago, with the industry now playing catch-up he has taken another giant leap forward. This time it’s nothing to do with geometry but down to the actual manufacturing process itself. The groundbreaking 100% machined Pole Machine has demonstrated that it’s possible to produce a frame ‘on-demand’, simply inserting the aluminium billet and cutting out the frame from the bare metal. Not only does this give Pole the ability to make rolling changes, but it also allows them to produce a new bike fast, really, really fast.

Leo Kokkonen first dropped news of the new Pole Stamina on the Pole Bicycle Riders facebook group.

Just one month ago, Leo announced that he was going to produce a new bike. Not one for model years or conforming with the ‘natural way of things’ he announced this on the Pole Bicycle Riders Group facebook page, only to Poles ardent fans. Fast-forward just four weeks and the bike is built. From initial conception to demo rides in just one month, incredible, the new Pole Stamina must be the fastest bike to prototype ever. And what a bike it is. We pulled some shots from the Pole Bicycle Riders Group and Poles website to bring you these spy shots.

We pulled shots of Leo testing the new Stamina from their website, it looks like it goes well.

The new Pole Stamina is a real monster, 29-inch wheels and 180 mm of travel, this is an EWS race bike through and through, and with Leo appointing Matti Lehikoinen to run an EWS race team you can see that Pole is planning a full-on campaign on the podiums. Of course, the geometry redefines radical with an 80º (effective 81º) seat tube, balanced by a 63.5º head angle, 455 mm chainstays, 480 mm reach (medium) and a whopping 1306 mm wheelbase. The shock has been moved inside the front triangle to provide more space for a straight seat tube and a new link design that protects the exposed bearing faces, important for those looking for improved reliability. The Pole Stamina also has some new changes over the Pole Machine, the Stamina uses a 34.9 mm Seatpost to maintain strength with a shorter overlap, an integrated headset, improved foldability and increased mud protection with the shock now tucked away behind the seat-tube.

With 180 mm of travel and a 80+ degree seat tube, this is a bike that has us hot under the collar.

There is currently no pricing or much information at all, but a demo bike is already being thrown around with enthusiastic claims of a very impressive performance. With Pole gearing up for a more focused attack on the EWS next year, will we see the Pole Stamina climb higher through the rankings? One thing’s for sure, we cannot wait to test one.

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Words: Photos: Toni Rutanen