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The Lab: SQlab 7OX-grips in review

They might just look like a chunk of rubber to you but grips are one of the few direct contact points on your bike and are therefore essential for good control. That’s why Valentin could never live without a pair of good grips. In the last 3 months, he tested the SQlab 70X for us.

According to the engineers of the Bavarian manufacturer each of their products is the result of endless anatomical and biomechanical examinations, scientific studies, medical reports and decades of restless testing. The new SQlab 7OX is no exception: the grip is divided into different sections and its surface structure is tailored to suit the respective contact point — all of it built with special rubber compounds. The section where your fingertips drill into the handle and the area in which you rest the edge of your hand feature a particularly soft rubber compound to improve support and comfort. The rest of the grip is way more resistant to abrasion and features a fine non-slip pattern. The clamping of the SQlab 7OX is on the inside of the grip.

Ergonomically machined: SQlabs 7OX fits in your hands better than ever
Small or medium: Use the SQlab grip-width template to find your size
Maximum-load areas are packed with heavy load rubber

To guarantee an ideal fit the grip has a number of curvatures which should be aligned with the profile of the hand. The SQlab 7OX comes in two sizes — S and M. At first Valentin had no idea which size to go for but then he downloaded the grip-width template directly from SQlab’s website and printed it out on DIN A4. For the last 600 km, the 7OX has never let him down and worked reliably even at a temperature of 36 °C with very sweaty hands. Having said that Valentin recommends wearing gloves for maximum support – especially when the summer is at its peak. After 600 km of trails and bike parks, the grips show no signs of wear.


The SQlab 7OX convinced Valentin with good grip and a high level of comfort. Because of its good durability and pleasant feel he would definitely choose it again.


– Comfort
– Grip
– Price


– None

Tester Valentin
Duration 600 km
More info Infos

Weight 149 g
Price € 29.95

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