SRAM increases support level at The Enduro World Series and select major Enduro events with the re-hire of long time suspension Guru and former RockShox suspension tech Tim Flooks.

Jerome Clementz becomes the first ever Enduro World Series Champion in 2013
Jerome Clementz becomes the first ever Enduro World Series Champion in 2013

It’s no secret by now that the rapidly expanding discipline of Enduro racing has become extremely alluring in the eyes of many top-level racers and some of the biggest bike and component manufacturers around the globe. Although it’s a style of riding and racing that has been around since the birth of the mountain bike, it has never fully received the international respect and acknowledgement due at a high level of racing. Now, thanks to the inaugural season of The Enduro World Series and many other major Enduro events – it seems to have parked itself smack in the middle of the cycling world with no intention of leaving.

Seeing the vastly growing landscape and excitement in Enduro racing, SRAM has reacted and answered to a much needed demand for further support at these races and one off events. On top of our long existing support of the Superenduro Series, together with Specialized we have extended our partnership with the Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series and are now officially partnering with the new European Enduro Series – Consisting of six events in Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. SRAM has always understood the importance of great technical race support for athletes and seeing the growing demand at these Enduro races has led us to increase our efforts with the re-hire of former and long-term RockShox suspension tech Tim Flooks to lead the charge.

If the name Tim Flooks sounds familiar it’s for good reason, being that he was head of RockShox European technical race support on the World Cup circuit for 7 years, former GT Team manager and rider as well as a being a Team Manager for the Great Britain Cycling federation. Having worked with names such as Julian Absalon, Sarah Ballantyne, Nico Vouilloz, Bruno Zanchi, Leigh Donovan, Danny Hart and Steve Peat it is safe to say that Tim is well versed in the language of maintenance and tuning of SRAM components to help athletes get the most from their bikes. Tim and SRAM tech crew will have the SRAM support vehicle at most major European Enduro events along with the full Enduro World Series offering rider support on all SRAM products. Tim will also be offering tech clinics at each event on Friday evenings showing riders how to get the most from their SRAM products. Covering things like RockShox fork lower leg lubrication and service as well as proper bleeding procedure of Reverb Stealth posts at these “Friday Fundamentals at Five” – FF@F

“Tim and Helen Flooks have defined product support and hospitality to an entire generation of RockShox athletes. We are thrilled to have Tim and Helen back with us, now under the SRAM family umbrella, adding to our world class event support team. Tim brings a level of experience and professionalism rarely seen in mountain biking. In my early days at RockShox Tim’s mentorship dramatically helped define how I think about product, service and how they affect users. Having that input back with us is invaluable. All of us are excited to travel to Enduro World Series events knowing that we will be greeted by Helen’s indomitable smile, a cup of tea and maybe even a biscuit. Helen’s legendary on-site hospitably creates a comfortable place to be no matter where you are.” – Jeremiah Boobar – RockShox Product Manager and former BlackBox Race manager.

“It’s great to be back doing what I love most, following the race circuit and helping riders get the best from their bikes. I’m so looking forward to being a part in the riders’ preparation for the events and offering some advice, or service, possibly over a cup of tea/coffee. The travel combined with the fantastic ambience at Enduro events makes me come out in goose-bumps thinking about it. Whilst it’s important to be professional there are times when you need to know when to PARTY! Bring it on …” – Tim Flooks – Euro Enduro Tech

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