Weeks of anticipation and speculation were put to rest a few hours ago when the course details for the fifth round of the Enduro World Series were released.

Reflective of the epic style of mountain biking available in Whistler, the five stage race developed in consultation with pro rider Richie Schley and creative dervish Seb Kemp will be compressed into one long single day. Athletes will race over 19km of trails, tallying a total of 51km of riding in the 8 hour time window.

The added “Whistler” twist is that, unlike in previous rounds, riders will not be able to return to the pits in between the first four stages, demanding a much higher degree of self-sufficiency and equipment management than has been required before.

Crankworx GM Darren Kinnaird said, “The course will take riders through a range of trails, from the alpine to the sub-alpine to race-course type terrain. Each trail is unique to the different part of the valley that it’s situated in and showcases the variety of riding available here in Whistler. I think people will feel they’re more in wilderness than in a resort.”

The Stages

Stage 1:

distance: 2.8 kms | elevation: start 1820m | finish 1415m | change -405m
estimated time: 9 minutes

Stage 1 will be on the Khyber Pass trail.


Stage 2:
distance: 1.45 kms | elevation: start 780m | finish 620m | change -160m
estimated time: 6 minutes

Stage 2 will be on the “It’s Business Time“-Trail. Also referred to as Duncan’s trail, named after Whistler’s trail builder Duncan Mackenzie who envisioned and started this trail, but tragically lost his life in an avalanche in December 2011. This trail has everything one could possibly hope for a race: technical rock sections, challenging ups (a total about 80m) and gnarly downhills and even some woodwork. Check this video for an impression:

Stage 3:
distance: 1.64 kms | elevation: start 965m | finish 728m | change -237m

Stage 3 follows this trail combination: Pura Vida -> Baby Snakes -> Danimal South -> THC

Stage 4:
distance: 2.87 kms | elevation: start 1118m | finish 675m | change -443m
estimated time: 6 minutes

After a 12km long transfer (439m), stage 4 starts at the Flank Trail, following the more technical “Billy’s Epic” and then dives into the “Bob’s Rebob” network. Watch out: There’s a 1,5 minute climb!

After finishing stage 4, the riders got some time in the pits before the move on the the lift accessed stage 5.


Stage 5:
distance: 10.63Km | elevation: start 2138m | finish 688m | change: -1450m

All the way top to bottom: stage 5 is the highlight of the day for sure – and a great challenge for all the riders. Starting at the peak on 2138m the stage descends over many of whistlers trails: Top of the World -> No Joke -> In Deep -> Little Alder -> Expressway -> Too Tight -> Upper Angry Pirate -> Lower Angry Pirate -> climb up Lower EZ Does it -> Del Boca Vista -> EZ Does It –> cross Mountain Access Road -> Ho Chi Min –> cross Mountain Access Road -> Longhorn -> Monkey Hands -> Finish Skiers Plaza.

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Round #5

Words: Aaron Steinke / EWS PR

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