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The Lab: TATZE ADD-FLAT Adapter Review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the TATZE ADD-FLAT fared.

Familiar clipless pedal climbing efficiency and maximum freedom on the descents as on flats – this is what combo pedals aim to achieve, which offer a clipless mechanism on one side and a platform on the other side of the pedal. Our tester Felix used the slippery winter conditions to test the € 99.00 TATZE ADD-FLATs. The adapter is compatible with Shimano XT and XTR clipless pedals without a platform and turns your ordinary clipless pedal into a combo pedal.
Remove the clipless mechanism, install the ADD-FLAT adapter, done! In theory, the conversion sounds simple, but inexperienced tinkerers should come at it with patience. Fortunately, the instructions are self-explanatory, and even if you want to use your pedal normally again later, the conversion is relatively easy. The adapter sat flush on our XTR pedal, without wobbling, although the mounting screws on the ADD-FLAT adapter are at a bit of an angle.

The biggest platform we’ve ever seen on a combi-pedal offers superb grip
The SPD-mechanism on one side remains untouched and works as usual

Do clipless specific shoes work on flat pedals? They do, and they do so amazingly well! However, the most important prerequisite for this is that the soles of your shoes are appropriate for flat pedals: Ideally a smooth sole with soft rubber into which the pins can embed themselves. The metallic contact between cleat and platform prevents a deep recess in the middle of the pedal, as well as raised pins. Standing normally on the ADD-FLATs, therefore, you get a genuine flat-pedal feeling. The 12 adjustable pins of the large platform cling to the sole of your shoe and generally offer excellent support. However, if you’re sloppy about placing your foot on the pedals and end up with your cleats on the pedal cage, your foot will easily slip off of the pedal. Once you’ve slipped off, it becomes tricky to put your foot back on the correct side of the pedal, often unintentionally ending up on the clipless side.


If you already have a Shimano pedal and only occasionally need a combo pedal, the ADD-FLAT adapter is a good alternative to buying new pedals thanks to its excellent flat pedal feeling. However, it is often hit and miss when it comes to catching the right side while riding, which is why we can’t fully recommend them.


  • Large platform
  • Good grip
  • Lots of spare pins
  • Weight


  • Takes too long to level out
  • Price

Tester: Felix
Duration: 1 month
More info:

Price: € 99
Weight: 164g (ADD-FLAT adapter and screws), 398g (ADD-FLAT to XTR, pair)

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Words: Photos: Valentin Rühl