Andreas Maschke

Team Leader Graphic Design, Editor

Andi has seen many places, worked in a Skateshop, was an Army Sergeant and an advertisement agency professional. He cherishes quality over everything. Things simply need to be done right. That’s perfect for his job as a graphic designer, ensuring that our content is always presented perfectly in both our digital and printed formats. Beyond the pixels and vectors on the screen, Andi loves dealing with anything bike related, regardless of whether it's in the workshop or out in nature. If you've always wanted to build the perfect bike, he's the man to talk to and if there's anything you'd like to know about bikepacking, we recommend you talk to Andi about it over a beer by the bonfire. His attention to detail and his inclination to be a bit of nerd is evident on his own bikes – who else would have titanium valves or follows #toolboxwars?