With the MT7 and MT5 Brakes, Magura has brought two worthy successor to the legendary Gustav M to the market. The product of 13 years experience with Gustav M combined with insights from Moto Sport came together for the development of the new brakes. The result is a powerful and easy to operate 4-piston brake. We had the honor to test one of the first MT5 Magura brakes off the production line.

Update June 2016: We compared the Magura MT5 against 12 competitors and it held up great

Wir entschieden uns für große 203mm Storm Bremsscheiben für maximale Verzögerung.
We chose large 203mm Storm discs for maximum performance.
Deutlich zu erkennen: Die 4 Kolben der Magura MT5 Bremse.
Clearly visible: The 4 pistons of the Magura MT5 brake.

The forged 4-piston caliper comes with the magnetiXchange technology which uses a magnet inside to simplify brake pad changes, pulling the pads directly into the correct position. The brake is compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL discs. The brake discs are available in 140, 160, 180 and 203mm, and the brakes use Magura Royal Blood mineral oil.

In the MT5 brake two organic brake pads are installed per caliper, but these can be replaced by four individual pads which are mounted in the MT7 brake in series.

Die unterschiedlichen Beläge im Vergleich.
The different brake pads for comparison.
Der Leitungsabgang befindet sich auf der Innenseite und lässt sich an den Rahmen anpassen.
The cable exit is on the inside and can be adjusted to the needs of the frame.
Die Beläge werden von der magnetiXchange genannten Technologie in die richtige Position gezogen.
The pads are pulled from magnetiXchange mentioned technology in the correct position.

The Carbotecture brake handle is made of a fiber composite material, providing low weight and high strength, it can be mounted on both sides (left or right). The ergonomic two fingers brake lever is made of aluminium and lever length can be adjusted by a Torx 25.
The weight is estimated at 380 g with 160 mm discs. Magura themselves offers a 5-year warranty on the function of the brake lever and cylinder, on presentation of the original sales receipt.

Der Bremshebel kann sowohl rechts wie auch links montiert werden.
The brake lever can be mounted either on the right or on the left side.
Der Bremshebel wird durch eine zweiteilige Schelle montiert. Zusätzlich hat Magura auch einen Matchmaker für SRAM Trigger im Angebot.
The brake lever is mounted by a two-piece clamp. In addition, Magura has a matchmaker for SRAM triggers on offer.

On the trail, the Magura MT5 is a real anchor. Despite enormous braking power, the brake is easy to modulate. The heat resistance required for long descents is also very good, and mud and rain could not harm this brake. The bite point remains very defined even at high thermal loads, and does not migrate.

On our test bike both front and rear 203mm brake discs were mounted which ensures that the brakes can be controlled in any situation with just one finger. The bite point is not extremely aggressive and balances braking power well, increases proportionally to the amount of lever travel.


  • Weight: 380g with 160mm disc
  • Price: €149.90
  • Material Brake Handle: Carbotecture®
  • Material Brake Grip: Aluminium
  • Clamp: divided, Carbon
  • Mounting: both sides (Flip Flop)
  • Caliber: 4
  • Brake mounting: Postmount (IS über Adapter)
  • Brake discs: 6 bolt, Centrelock (Storm oder Storm SL)
  • Brake Medium: Royal Blood (Mineral oil)
  • Brake pads: organic / 9.1 Performance (4 pistons / 2 brake pads), 8.1 Performance (4 pistons / 4 brake pads)
ENDURO Testfahrer fühlt der 149 € günstigen Magura MT5 auf den Zahn.
ENDURO test rider Pirmin checks out the €149 Magura MT5.


All in all, the Magura MT 5 can be classified as a worthy successor to the old Gusatv M brake. It impresses with a good price / performance ratio to enter the 4-piston world, and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of braking power and performance. Only a tool-free bite point and reach adjustment lever is missing here – these features would be found on the more expensive Magura MT brake 7. If you can do without those features, you will find the Magura MT5 a top brake at a fair price!

If you want to know more about the Magura Products visit: www.magura.com

Update June 2016: We compared the Magura MT5 against 12 competitors and it held up great

Words: Pirmin Fischer Pictures: Christoph Bayer