Glasses should be part of every rider’s essential gear just like gloves or knee protectors. Ideally they shouldn’t just dim the blazing sunlight and protect the rider from wind, branches and dirt – they should look good too. This time we took a closer look at the Scott Leap model.

Die Scott Leap musste sich über mehrere Monate im Dauereinsatz beweisen.
The Scott Leap had to prove itself over many months of continuous use.

The Scott Leap is available in six different frame colours and with different lenses. Along with a tinted lens the buyer gets a clear set for use in dark conditions. Of course the buyer also gets a nice case and a micro fibre bag to store and clean the glasses. We tested the Leap with matt blue frames and red chrome lenses.

Optisch macht die Scott Leap einiges her und besticht mit einer "aggressiven" Optik.
Visually the Scott Leap looks impressive with its “aggressive” look.

On my narrow face the glasses fit perfectly. Scott recommends them for small to medium face sizes. Unlike some competitors the Leap doesn’t have any frame adjustment but we never missed such a feature. The glasses sat securely straight away and at the correct distance.

Die gummierten Bügel verhindern effektiv das Verrutschen der Brille.
The rubber-coated arms effectively prevent the glasses from slipping.
Die weichen Nasenpads garantieren einen sicheren Sitz der Brille.
The soft nose-pads guarantee secure seating on the rider

During sunny trail rides the glasses impressed us with pleasant tinting. Doing without a frame around the lower area of the lenses allows a big field of view. Thanks to the deep lenses your eyes are adequately protected. In cold-wet conditions fogging wasn’t a problem – other glasses had this problem much earlier during rides. Points were only deducted for the Scott Leap in rapidly changing light/shadow conditions where the glasses can’t quite keep up with the competition (e.g. Oakley Radarlock with polarized red iridium lenses / Price € 299) so we’d recommend switching to the clear lenses earlier in the season.

Das Gestell der Leap ist äußerst flexibel und macht auch grobe Verformungen ohne Probleme mit.
The Leap’s frames are extremely flexible and don’t have any problems with rough bending.

Regarding wear we can only say that we used the Scott Leap glasses over many months in horrible conditions and couldn’t see any signs of heavy wear. The frame has its old form, the hinges are free of play and the glasses almost scratch free.

Schickes Teil zum fairen Preis. Die Scott Leap weiß zu gefallen.
Chic look and a fair price: the Scott Leap knows how to please.


Scott has landed a big hit with the Leap glasses. At a comparably low price of €89.95 the build quality, solid lenses and heaps of style are impressive – a clear best buy.

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Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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