Loud and proud, Troy Lee Designs always looks good, but what about safety? Do they walk the walk? Read on to find out more about the D3 carbon fiber helmet.

The carbon fiber Troy Lee Designs D3 full face helmet weighs 1125 grams and rocks the house.
The carbon fiber Troy Lee Designs D3 full face helmet weighs 1125 grams and rocks the house.

Technical Details

  • Technologically advanced aerospace carbon / composite shell construction.
  • Inner dual-density shock pad system helps absorb smaller impacts, withstands multiple hits and add greater
  • durability for the single impact absorbing EPS liner.
  • 14 intake ports over forehead, brow and chin areas guide airflow past rider’s head for maximum ventilation.
  • 6 high-flow exhaust vents release hot air ensuring an even flow of cool air throughout the helmet’s interior.
  • Removable and washable comfort liner with Coolmax® and Dri-Lex® materials.
  • Corrosion resistant titanium D-ring chin strap fastener for superior strength.
  • Fully adjustable visor for custom height placement.
  • Machined titanium visor screws for reduced weight.
  • D3 helmet bag and 2 D3 color-matching visors included.

Our Thoughts

I thought kinda hard about this, but how the hell do you test and explain a helmet? Well, after you hit a tree at very high speed, and your laying on your back, in the woods, by yourself, with you head going downhill, and you’ve just had the wind knocked out of you, and you’re wheezing and you’re scared and you’re seeing stars, and you’re a litte shaky when you try to stand up, and the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you do realize what just happened is “F**k, I’m glad I had my full face on!!” That’s when you realize that you just did an unfortunate, but perfect test, of a helmet.

Let’s just say this, I’m really, really happy I had my Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet on. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth every single cent? A big fat double hell yes!

When it comes down to it, I always tell people to get the helmet that fits them best. Do you like the color and design of it? Does it fit? Is it in your price range? Does it meet the current crash test standards? It’s probably a good helmet then. I can’t tell you with all certainty which helmet you should get beyond that. What I can tell you is that the TLD D3 is worth it. Don’t mess around with your head.

A couple other things I really like about this helmet. The removable cheek pads, which make them easy to clean or replace. These kind of helmets can get funky, and that will help. I also love the look of my helmet. I know TLD designs aren’t for everyone, but I love mine, and they have lots of cool colors and other designs. Or you can always go the custom paint job route with TLD. You want to be custom and one of a kind, well then, TLD can do that for you. Most custom jobs run about $1000. No, not cheap, but you will certainly be rolling like a boss.

And then there’s the fit. TLD helmets, and this one in particular, fit me like a glove. The D3 cradles my head like no other, but is like a high tech tank on the outside. That’s a good thing.

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Bottom Line

My bell was seriously rung this past weekend in Snowmass. I completely broadsided a tree at a pretty good speed. I had trouble breathing for a couple days. Deeply bruised ribs. And a lot of swearing. But again, the first thing I said seconds after the crash, was “Thank you!” to that helmet. I would have a broken jaw and a messed up face had I been wearing a half shell and/or a lesser helmet. Thanks D3 “Funky Eyeball” helmet. I love you!

Words, Photos: Daniel Dunn

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