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After we reported about the brand new Propain Kids Mountain Bike so called “Frechdax” last year, we couldn’t resist taking it on the trails and smashing it through the woods. Phil, nearly 140cm tall, 7 years old, youngest member of the Stuttgarter Hardness and born madman insists on wearing only a T-Shirt, despite it being little more than ten degrees outside. Luckily, his mum was not there to watch the spectacle.

Das Erkennungsmerkmal der Stuttgarter Härte. Vor jedem Manöver wird die Faust gen Kamera gezeigt.
The distinguishing feature of the Stuttgart-Hardness. Before each maneuver, is the obligatory fist at the camera shot.
Selbst kleinere Sprünge meistert der Frechdax dank der 100mm Federweg mit Bravour.
With 100mm of travel, the Frechdax masters jumps with flying colors.
Das Leuchtrot bringt Farbe in das triste Baumgemenge.
The fluorescent red adds color to the dreary forest backdrop.
Die 620mm Lenkstange von Sixpack fest im Griff. Nochmal die Linien checken und dann kann es losgehen.
The 620mm sixpack handlebar keeps everything under control. Checking the lines before starting.
Anlauf holen und den nächsten Sprung anvisieren. Phil mit Tunnelblick.
Pick-up and aim at your next jump. Phil with tunnel vision.
Das Hindernis weggescrubbt geht es weiter gen Tal.
Scrubbing the obstacle and continue riding tions valley.

But even the toughest mountain bikers need a break. While Phil makes himself comfortable on the swing, let’s take a closer look at the Propain Frechdax.

Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen.
Work first, then play.
Das leuchtrote Propain Frechdax. Nicht deine Farbe? Freie Farbwahl gibt es bei Propain ohne Aufpreis.
The bright red Propain Frechdax. Not your color? No problem, Propain offer different colors at no extra charge.
620mm Lenker von Sixpack passen in das Enduro spezifische Erscheinungsbild des Frechdax.
620mm Handlebars by Sixpack fit the Enduro specific appearance of Frechdax.
Die Avid Elixir-1 Bremsen mit 160mm Scheiben sorgen für fürstliches Verzögern auf dem Trail.
Avid Elixir 1 brakes with 160mm discs provide powerful stopping power on the trail.
Für mein Kind nur das Beste. Gekürzte Hussefelt Kurbel und Kettenführung unterstreichen die qualitativ hochwertige Ausstattung des Propain.
For my child only the best. Hussefelt crank and chain guide underline the high quality facilities of Propain.
Optischer Leckerbissen. Der Sixpack "Toydealer" Sattel.
Visual treat. The Sixpack “Toydealer” saddle.


PROPAIN bikes keep a keen eye on quality. So come in different equipment variants with Frechdax components of Spinner, White Brother, ripped abs and SRAM / Rock Shox / Truvativ used. The bike is as usual available in three versions and color variations online

FRECHDAX I // 16″ or 20″ – 1.399,00 EUR

Spinner Fork, Rock Shox Monarch R, Avid Elixir 1 Trail Brakes, Sixpack Single-Speed Gearshift, Truvativ Hussefelt Crank, Sixpack Components

FRECHDAX II // 16″ or 20″ – 1.599,00 EUR

Spinner Fork, Rock Shox Monarch R, Avid Elixir 1 Trail Brakes, SRAM X7 Gearshift, Truvativ Hussefelt Crank, Sixpack Components

FRECHDAX III // 16″ or 20″ – 1.999,00 EUR

White Brothers RC Fork, Rock Shox Monarch R, Avid Elixir 9 Trail Brakes, SRAM X9 Gearshift, Truvativ Hussefelt Crank, Sixpack Components

Früh übt sich. Zweiradspaß für Groß und Klein.
Practice makes perfect. Two-wheeled fun for young and old.

Words & Photos: Patrick Sauter

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