San Marco have been making quality saddles since 1935, yes really, that long! Well the off-road version of their saddles adorn the name Dirty and we have been putting the Dirty Zero Pro (as featured) through it’s paces over here in the UK through countless winter rides and power washes.

The results have been very impressive, the saddle is by-far the most comfortable to date, with plenty of long 50k rides under it’s belt, without leaving one feeling a tad raw in the place where the sun don’t shine! As for the look of the saddle now, apart from small wear on part of the white stripe, it’s still like new really

They have a real unique look to them with the fighter jet style drop nose, but that is for a reason, known as the No Shuffle, the inclination of the nose edge means 85% of friction on the leg adductor muscles has been reduced, giving improved comfort when riding.

Other features are-

BioFoam: «A challenge: managing to obtain better comfort in the saddles with gel inserts, lower weight and lasting greater resistance. The “closed cell” surface assures the water repellency of the padding.»

MicroFeel: «The cover material is breathable and hard wearing. It also offers better adherence to the padding, capitalising on the ergonomic shape of the saddle. The materials are lighter than traditional compounds and the surface creates an anti-skid effect with extraordinary grip.»

AntiScratch Zone: «Durable patches of material protect the corners and sides of the saddle from rips and tears.»

UltraDrive: «Dedicated supports have been integrated into the cover material and continued into areas of highest wear. This not only protects the saddle, but also increases the performance during high-endurance

Zero Pro – £109.95; 159g; carbon waist rail; black/white, black/white, black/red

It has Microfeel, Biofoam, Anti Scratch, Ultradrive and No Shuffle

Go faster stripe!
Zero TeamZero Team

Also available

Zero Team – £59.95; 219g; manganese rail; black/white, black/red, black/blue

It has Microfeel, Biofoam, Anti Scratch, Ultradrive and No Shuffle

Zero One – £42.95; 260g; carbon steel rail; black/white, black/red, black/blue, black/yellow

It has Microfeel, Biofoam and No Shuffle

Zero is San Marco’s most versatile 2014 Dirty saddle, developed by Cedric Gracia and the CG Brigade.

Word and Pics Jim Buchanan

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