The Thailand Enduro Series is coming back for 2016. The registration for the first round is limited to 200 riders, so the race has an extra touch of exclusiveness. More information directly from the organizers:

If you have been following our movements, you might have noticed that we are coming back after a year of rejuvenation. This time we are back in full force with 4 rounds of high standard Enduro races timed by one of the world-class timing systems, SPORTident.

Thailand-Enduro-Series-ETO-1 Thailand-Enduro-Series-ETO-2

The first round will be held in Khao Eto Forestry Park, Prachinburi, a venue where the newcomers and the long timers could adjust themselves to the Enduro racing format before proceeding to the more challenging races in the coming rounds. The place, only less than 2 hours drive from Bangkok, has been well known among mountain bikers as a home ground of many mountain bike national champions. The trails here are friendly, fun and flowy, a great place to start the series, especially for the newcomers who can get good opportunities to fine-tune their skills while training on their endurance for the following rounds.

Thailand-Enduro-Series-RUD-1 Thailand-Enduro-Series-RUD-2

The second round will be in Chedkod National Park, Saraburi, a beautiful and serene park that has been steadily supported the mountain biking community. This place demands riders to navigate through more technical natural terrains than those of the first round. If you have started from the first round, it is a natural progression for the new comers as well as the long timers.

Thailand-Enduro-Series-1 Thailand-Enduro-Series-2

Prachuap Kiri Khan, a well-known destination for Thai and foreigners looking for a relatively peaceful beach town, is the third venue. Besides from sandy beaches and beautiful sun on the shore end, this is a place not to be missed because you can bike all day and end up with fun water based activities such as kite surfing, cable skiing, jet skiing and wind surfing. The trails here are quite challenging. It would be good for bikers who have progressed through the series.

Thailand-Enduro-Series-Chiang-Mai-1 Thailand-Enduro-Series-Chiang-Mai-2

Our finale will be held in the city known as the mountain bike capital of ASEAN, Chiang Mai City! It is also voted as one of the top 25 destinations of the world. So, if you live in Asia, ride mountain bike and have not been to Chiang Mai, you need to book a ticket right now!! It is one of the biggest cities in Thailand and has so many things to offer, from the immense cultural exposures that will bring smiles on faces, parties that never seem to end, to the beautiful wilderness. The trails here are of the endless world-class natural trails. They are the most challenging trails in our series and will definitely test your skills and endurance to the limit.

There is a possibility that our fourth round will tentatively host the first round of ASIAN Enduro Series 2017.

Register for the first round now, it is limited to only 200 exclusive riders!

TES Race Calendar 2016

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For more information check the website and the facebook page!

Words & Photos: Thailand Enduro Series PR

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