Regardless of your profession, you are XX% a dentist – congratulations, you belong to this elite circle without having completed a lengthy medical degree. Jokes aside, you are just as fascinated by the technology as you are by the image and bling factor offered by the trendiest and most expensive bikes of the season.

Have you seen [insert your favourite pro here]’s new prototype? A beast of a bike, offering the best in performance and a unique look. No bike exudes more exclusivity and prestige than one-offs, custom-made products and prototypes. Off-the-shelf goods are out of the question for you and you have your dream bike custom built instead, using only the finest, most expensive and newest components, possibly with the pros as your example. Nothing makes you happier than having your name engraved on the custom-tuned shock or brake levers, no matter the cost. Cross-country, downhill or something in between? You can’t and don’t want to decide on a specific bike category and own several bikes instead*. One more conspicuous than the next.

*Editorial note: this cliché doesn’t apply to our favourite dentist, Kilian, though he would love to own a whole collection of bikes!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the sexy frame, the super-light wheels or the one-piece cockpit: carbon is your material of choice. Hardly anything is more representative of exclusivity and performance – even if that isn’t true, as our special on carbon myths clearly shows! You like riding the most high-end bike and you want to make sure that it isn’t the limiting factor on your next bike holiday. If carbon isn’t an option for your components, they should at least stand out. Like the golden chain of a wireless, electronic drivetrain. Or even better and, above all, rarer and more exclusive, electronic suspension from FOX or RockShox that adapts to the terrain in fractions of a second.

It’s not just the technology but also the bike’s unique look that matters to you. Reason enough to take a closer look at Trek and Orbea as both brands allow you to customise the paint job. While Trek’s Project One primarily focuses on the paintwork, you can even fine-tune the components in Orbea’s MyO configurator, depending on the model. Propain also have an extensive configurator for the components and look of the bike, but they don’t come close to Trek or Orbea in terms of price and exclusivity :).

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Our race-bike group test has proven once again that many bikes work a lot better with a shock that has been specifically tuned to the bike and rider when compared to stock builds. Fortunately, you can get a shock that’s perfectly tailored to you even without a surname like Rude, Moir or Vouilloz. The PUSH ELEVENSIX coil shock gets perfectly matched to the kinematics of your bike according to your weight and riding style, as well as providing you with two fundamentally different setups.

That said, you don’t always have to have the best bike to make the right impression. Your personal bike shuttle can also go a long way and, above all, make your drive to the trails a lot more pleasant. Besides, it’s your riding skills and personality that ultimately trumps all else! With that in mind, stay who you are, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun. Even though many won’t believe us, you can’t buy happiness in the long run and if you need a lot of expensive shizzle to feel good, you’re poorer than most, regardless of the figure in your bank account!

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Not expensive enough for you? No problem! At E-MOUNTAINBIKE, some production bikes have already broken the € 15,000 mark. You can't get much more exclusive than that without a custom-made bike.