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The Lab: MET Roam Helmet Review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the MET Roam helmet fared.

UK tester Trev is a helmet hoarder, and in his shed he has more helmets than Kim Kardashian has shoes, but there is one he repeatedly grabs from the shelf. The MET Roam has a lot going for it, but there are two reasons why Trev keeps on rocking the black n’ red number. Firstly, as with any helmet, it’s the fit, available in three sizes, the MET Roam has a three way adjustment Safe-T orbital system, which means you can not only adjust the circumference and height, but also the width of the rear contact points. Blessed with a weird head shape, this has allowed even Trev to get a great fit. The 362 g weight is un-noticeable on the head and the thin but highly comfortable padding keeps the shell close to the skull, boosting security and stability.

The MET ROAM Is a burley helmet, with a high level of protection and deep coverage
You can adjust the height and width of the rear cradle, comfort is high
The MET ROAM has great goggle compatibility, including an integrated strap holder in the peak

The second reason Trev loves the helmet is the balance of function and protection. Trev’s local trails are a mixture of DH tracks and steeps, but everyone rides them with an open face. The MET Roam feels light and airy on the climbs with 22 vents and absorbent pads, but it also feels more substantial that most of the competition, with a lot of material around the rear quarters of the helmet. It’s the sort of helmet that makes you feel like you can go a little harder, or take that corner a little more inside! The large peak doesn’t interfere with vision being able to place goggles underneath is a neat touch, if you’re into that sort of voodoo.


A helmet is only as good as the fit, and the MET ROAM is more adjustable than most. With a bad-ass style and a burly build, the MET ROAM gives you the confidence to take the craziest lines, without boiling your brain on the way back up.


  • Killer looks
  • Great visor design
  • 3 way – adjustability


  • Expensive

Tester: Trev
Duration: 5 months
More info:

Price: €150, €170 (MIPS)
Weight: 362 g

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