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The Lab: POC Consort MTB Dungaree long-term review

There is no bad weather, just bad clothing! With the Consort MTB Dungaree, POC promises to deliver the ultimate and stylish companion for wet winter days on the bike. The dungarees accompanied us through wind and rain for several months and we’ll tell you whether they’ll get through the winter staying dry and warm.

Whether it’s Polaroid cameras, horn-rimmed glasses or dungarees, the 21st century is reviving almost forgotten styles and bringing the vintage look back to life. The Swedish sporting goods brand POC have gone one step further with their stylish dungarees, offering lots of functionality. The POC Consort MTB Dungaree rain pants are made of a 3-layer material that’s partially stretchy, promising to be extremely hard-wearing and breathable with a hydrostatic head of up to 15,000 mm. The dungarees are reinforced around the knees and saddle, and the elastic cuffs help keep out dirt and water from below. If things start getting too warm, you can regulate the temperature by opening the two side zippers, which can be opened all the way on the right side if necessary. Two trouser pockets and a discreet card pocket at the front provide enough storage space to carry a large phone, snacks and your lift ticket. The shoulder straps rely on a plastic clip and their length can be adjusted using Velcro. There is also a strap on the lower back to adjust the waist. The MTB Dungaree is available in 6 different sizes from XS–XXL. However, the pants are only available in the colour shown and with a price point of € 490, they’re certainly not a bargain.

The discreet card pocket is perfect for lift tickets or thin energy bars.
Thanks to the belt on the back, the waist can be adjusted to fit your body.
On the right side, the pants can be unzipped all the way. That way you can slip in and out without any problems. An additional snap fastener makes closing the zipper even easier.

The POC Consort MTB Dungaree long-term review

It’s pouring rain, everything is muddy and you already know before the ride that you won’t get around cleaning your bike. In that case, the POC Consort MTB Dungaree is the perfect companion. We usually resorted to the dungarees only after the rain, when the moisture and dirt came from below. This is precisely where the high back of the dungarees reveal their strength, also keeping your upper body protected. This saves you from having to wear an additional rain jacket and we usually combine them with nothing more than a warm base layer or jersey. When it’s raining, you can create an extremely warm and weatherproof package by wearing a rain jacket under the dungarees. Measuring 190 cm and 185 cm tall, we chose sizes XL and L. The fit is comfortable and they stayed that way on longer tours. Thanks to the loose fit, you can wear knee pads underneath them. During our test, the zips never gave any problems even after prolonged use and kept the water out. However, one of the pockets tore as the result of a rather hefty crash. The reason for this is that there was a phone inside the pocket and so the fabric was caught between that and the ground. Nevertheless, the pants endured most of the hardships we put them through, suffering no further damage and successfully allowing steamy air to escape without letting moisture inside. Once you’re back home, the dirt can simply be wiped off after the dungarees have dried, so you don’t have to wash them after every ride. Nevertheless, they can go into the washing machine at a low temperature. However, we couldn’t get them completely clean with the recommended method and, after a few months of use, a clear pattern had formed on the backside. A few splashes of tubeless sealant that hit our pants after a tire exploded couldn’t be completely removed either. A darker colour would be more practical for a clothing item that’s constantly exposed to dirt and mud.

There is a generous ventilation port on the left side in case you get hot.
The elastic cuffs seal the pants off from below.

The stylish POC Consort MTB Dungaree rain pants are a great conversation starter in the queue for the lift or on your home trails. They offer a comfortable fit,
you can wear knee pads without issues and there is enough storage space for your mobile phone, snacks and the like. It’s effective in keeping water and dirt out while also protecting your upper body from splashing water. Unfortunately, grimy weather will leave its mark on the expensive pants.


  • comfortable fit and stylish look
  • great at keeping out water and dirt
  • also protects your upper body from splashing water


  • price
  • light colour is prone to staining

Tester Peter und Felix
Test duration 5 months
Price 490 €
Size XS – XXL
More info Manufacturer’s website

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Words: Peter Walker Photos: Felix Stix