The Lab: The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD repair stand in the endurance test – The perfect work stand for hefty bikes?

If you have ever looked into buying a bike repair stand you will have run into certain issues. They are either unwieldy, weigh a ton, or turn out to be wobbly and unstable – which can become quite a problem, especially when working on heavier bikes. The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD is supposed to do better here. Find out in the review how the € 495 maintenance assistant performs in our long-term test.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD | Price € 495 | Weight 7.6 kg | Manufacturer’s website

The previous bike repair stand model from Feedback Sports has stood its ground with us for quite some time, but is now replaced by the current Pro Mechanic HD repair stand – let’s find out how it performs! The brand Feedback Sports are known for quality, smart solutions, and for everything close to a bike mechanic’s heart, and that is exactly what their team aims to achieve with their new bike work stand. However, the Pro Mechanic HD retails at € 495 – not really a bargain. But is it worth the money?

Just by looking at the packaging the bike stand comes in, you see that it is not particularly big, especially for a stand that is supposed to be ebike compatible. And once you have it out of the packaging, it becomes apparent how remarkably compact it is! The device is about 116 cm high and 22 cm wide, so most of us home mechanics can probably just tuck it under the bed. Stability is provided by the thick tubes: 6.6 cm in diameter at the widest point. However, this makes for a rather substantial weight of 7.6 kg – the Pro Mechanic HD is therefore not necessarily easy to carry with your hand luggage. But with its wide stance and a maximum load of 45.5 kg, it can definitely claim to be ebike ready. Though, Feedback Sports recommend loading the stand with not more than a maximum of 32 kg in order to ensure the best stability when working, which should be plenty for most eMTBs. The overall quality of the finish appears to be of a high standard: the most important parts, such as the feet, for example, are rubberised and have no sharp edges. The fact that the stand is anodised in red adds to the high-quality look. The attachments, such as the quick release or the crank on the clamp, can also only be described as smooth to the touch. It’s said that a worker is only as good as their tools and we really enjoyed working with the Pro Mechanic HD.

The spinning knob closure is smart and makes work much easier.
With the quick release button, your bike almost jumps into your arms.

Let’s take a look at the gadgets and features of the Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD. Starting at the bottom, we commend the rubberised feet caps: they are neither so rough that they could scratch your precious flooring, nor are they so soft that they would immediately collapse when hitting the floor. Further up you find the quick release mechanisms to pull out the feet and extend the repair stand – these are as Feedback Sports aptly describe: oversized. Meaning you have a lot of leverage and can operate them easily while still generating a lot of clamping force. The clamp that holds your bike has rubberised and replaceable jaws, which will particularly make your seat posts happy as they are protected from getting scratched. In addition, the stand offers a quick fastener, a release button for easy opening and a super practical crank mounted on the locking wheel – impressive. They have also included a magnet in the arm enabling you to have your most important tools close to hand – of course, they will have to be made of a magnetic material too.

The magnetic field will gladly hold your tools.
The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD holds heavy ebikes without any problems.

The Pro Mechanic HD repair stand from Feedback Sports can be unfolded almost intuitively: Simply operate the lower quick release mechanism and extend the legs, then loosen the rear tri knob on the clamp head assembly, straighten the arm and tighten it again – you can also adjust the angle of the clamp through 360°. Finally, you can adjust the height from 107 cm to 170 cm with the second quick release, which allows almost all mechanics to work ergonomically. Now comes the real test of strength. The bike must be lifted into the clamp with one hand, and, especially with an ebike, this requires quite a bit of strength. Heave-ho! Fortunately, the fastening can be done really quickly and easily. With other bike stands, you often have to squeeze the jaws of the clamps together yourself, re-grip or even fiddle around with the spinner knob closure. The repair stand from Feedback Sports works somewhat more cleverly here: with just one hand you can squeeze the jaws together and do the final tightening with the spinner knob closure.

Once the bike is securely in the stand, the stability provided by the 73 cm wide footprint makes it very easy to work on. However, be careful: Even with this stand, you should make sure that your bike hangs between the feet and not over just one of the three legs because then the stand can become unstable and your beloved bike might hit the ground. The magnetic holder is very practical for tools, but if you have small parts that you would like to put aside, there is nowhere to place them. We would have liked the addition of a tool tray or an option to hold small parts. To release your bike, simply press the red quick release button and the clamp pops open, which is much smoother than on some other repair stands. If you prefer, you can also use the spinner knob of course.

The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD bike repair stand replaced its predecessor with flying colours. Thanks to its strength and stability, it can also cope with heavier bikes and makes working on them fun. It also offers smart details, such as the spinning knob closure or the magnetic tool holder. The stand definitely sets itself apart from others, but that comes at a price. However, if you are willing to pay the price, you will be happy with this repair stand.


  • good stability
  • convenient size
  • easy handling
  • smart detail solutions


  • high price
  • no tool tray

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Words: Philip Grünewald Photos: Mike Hunger