We’ve always been fans of USWEs unique strap system and the USWE F4 PRO hydration pack won the highly coveted Design & Innovation Award 2015. Jim Buchanan has been riding/racing from the winter to the summer, and has often opted to choose the smaller USWE F3 PRO pack.

Der USWE Rucksack durfte sich im Test beweisen.
The USWE Pack had to prove itself in our test.

It has a velcro adjusters on each of the four straps (which clip together at the front with one simple sturdy clip), and with its so-called ‘no dancing monkey’ stability it really is second to none for stability. The pack holds a top slider-type refill 2 L bladder inside, with a small internal waterproof pocket in the bladder compartment; this is perfect for a phone. The drink tube clips nicely into the tube holder at the front, with easy access. The small tool pouch is perfect for racing or your ‘not quite adventure’ rides; Jim carries one tube, tyre lever, trail tool, tubeless plug kit, and two C02 canisters. The best thing about USWE F3 PRO is that the outer tool compartment can be un-clipped, and then the rider can ride with only the hydration part or opt to just transfer the tool pouch into another larger pack for the longer weekend adventure rides where more kit is necessary. It also has attachments for carrying a helmet.

Der Platz im Inneren reicht für das Nötigste.
There is enough space for the essentials.
Der Trinkschlauch ist sinnvoll untergebracht.
The hydration hose has a nice place to sit.

The USWE F3 PRO has done at least 3000 kilometers and lots of racing/crashing! Jim has never been tempted with the bottle-cage option, as this pack has such a great minimal feel when in use.

Tester: Jim
Information: www.uswe-sports.com
Price: 129.00 €

Tested for: 3000 km

Words: Jim Buchanan Photos: Trev Worsey

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