With the new Shotgun Pro, the New Zealand team from Kids Ride Shotgun introduces a second version of their popular child seat and eliminates some of the criticisms of the original model. We have the scoop on the new ride for your little ones.

The successor to the classic Kids Ride Shotgun: the new Shotgun Pro child seat.

Two years ago, Kids Ride Shotgun brought their Shotgun child seat onto the market and won us over with their design. In our last mountain bike child seat group test, it even won the Best Buy. However, there were some criticisms, which should be a thing of the past with the new Shotgun Pro. The new model is designed for children between 2 and 5 years of age and is rated for a load of up to 27 kg. Currently, it is only available in Europe through local dealers or distributors and is available for € 220.

What’s new?

Unlike its predecessor, the Shotgun Pro is no longer clamped to the frame and is now attached between the fork steerer and seat post. This requires a 1 ⅛” diameter steerer in the clamping area and sufficient space for a 10 mm high spacer under the stem. At the rear, a seat post diameter of 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm or 34.9 mm is required, though it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dropper post or not. The new attachment system should now make it possible to mount the child seat on bikes with chunky down tubes i.e. eMTBs or other unusual frame shapes, as well as eliminating any concerns of frame contact. Both of these were the main criticisms of the original model and caused some difficulties, particularly with ebikes.

With the Shotgun Pro, mounting the seat on ebikes should no longer be an issue.

Two mounting spacers are included. This lets you quickly swap the seat between different bikes. The angle of the saddle and the leg holder can be easily adjusted without tools.

The leg straps are designed to provide a secure hold.

Even when the going gets a bit tough.

Our first impression

With the Shotgun Pro, the Kids Ride Shotgun team has taken the criticisms of its predecessor to heart and made sensible changes. The new and second design appears well thought out and clearly expands its range of use. The ability to swap between bikes quickly and increased compatibility both sound promising. The € 220 price is fair, given that it’s similar to competing products.

You can find more information on the website of Kids Ride Shotgun

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Words: Niklas Spinner Photos: Kids Ride Shotgun