With the onset of winter also comes the onset of mud being flung up from the tires, mudguards can get rid of some of this, but still some will make it to your face, more importantly your eyes. Riding glasses are something I’ve kind of been getting used to of late, goggles may be ‘so Enduro’ but just don’t cut it on a long trail ride, bulky things needing to be taken on and off on the ups and the downs.

Smith Pivlock riding glasses
Smith Pivlock riding glasses

Also during the rest of the year glasses (like these) serve many a purpose, not only do they keep the muck out, also the dust, the insects, the bushes and with interchangeable lenses, the sun.

So you want to treat yourself to some top-notch riding eye-wear, all your mates have Oakleys, but you want something a bit different, well look no further than these Smith Overdrive glasses. They are extremely comfy and don’t move one millimeter on the face with use of their two position-able nose pads.

They (like all Smith kit) look the part, and being made in Italy they are oozing with style. They come in a variety of colours other than these featured, all-black with tinted lens, all-black with red lens, black and orange with red lens or black and white with green lens. These ones came in a beautifully fitted case with a choice of clear or Ignitor lenses plus a soft glasses pouch for day use and cleaning purposes.

Goes pretty neat with their helmet too!
Goes pretty neat with their helmet too!

The fitment and removal of the lenses is pretty nifty too, with their own PivLock™ system, which is just so simple to use trail side. In use they serve their purpose well, although will steam up (like all glasses) in certain slow moving, cold-weather sweaty-rider conditions. All this doesn’t come cheap, with a hefty price tag of 189 Euros (£150.00) or 227 Euros (£180.00) for the polarized tinted version, but for that you are also getting a very impressive lifetime warranty.

The Pivlock™ design, very nifty
The Pivlock™ design makes lens changes easy, very nifty

For more info check out the Smith website

Words Jim Buchanan Photos: Trev Worsey

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