This is not a bike test per se, but a test of geometry concepts, but it would be rude not to give the mistress some attention. When it comes to extreme geometry there was really only two choices, the Pole EVOLINK 140 and the Nicolai Mojo Geometron. As a winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2017, the Pole was the perfect mistress for this affair.

The completed build, weighing in at 14.5 kg on the nose. A size Large Pole EVO LINK 140, with a 510 mm reach, 660 mm stack, 64.5 degree head angle and 77.5 degree seat angle.

#thegeometryaffair Geometry at a glance

To put the Poles radical geometry in perspective we have compared it to a size Large Santa Cruz Hightower, a superb trail bike, in a world of minutia the difference are huge.

Pole EVO LINK 140 Santa Cruz Hightower
Top tube 135 mm 110 mm
Head angle 64.5 ° 67.0 °
Seat angle 77.5 ° 74.3 °
BB Height 348 mm 337 mm
Chainstay 456 mm 435 mm
Reach 510 mm 450 mm
Stack 630 mm 613 mm
Wheelbase 1314 mm 1187 mm
The suspension fork is a 160 mm Ohlins RFX 36 with a 51 mm offset. The smaller RFX 34 with a 46 mm offset won our 2016 enduro fork group test so we are excited to see how the bigger fork performs.
The rear shock is a RockShox Monarch and feels pretty good out of the box, more serious terrain will be needed to see if it needs internal volume spacers.
Running the seat full forwards helps to make the steep 77.5 degree seat angle even steeper for efficient pedaling on steep terrain, and with 510 mm of reach to play with, the bike does not feel claustrophobic. A slight down tilt suits my winch and plummet riding.
The Easton Havoc 35 mm bar has been cut to 770 mm and is twinned with a 35 mm stem for precise steering. The Renthal Ultra Tacky grips are an ENDURO favourite. The XTR shifter and RockShox reverb remote have been grip taped for traction in the mud and rain.
The Pole has a very long 135 mm headtube, and the frustrating Cane Creek top cap pushes that even further, I will change the headset so I can test the bike with a full range of bar heights. It’s currently set at 106 cm.
#Thegeometryaffair will run a full Shimano XTR 11 speed drivetrain with shorter 170 mm cranks. I opted for the smaller cranks for increased pedal-ability over rough ground. A very neat Unite Components chain guide keeps the chain secure.
Brakes are the Shimano XTR’s with 180 mm rotors front and back. I prefer the balance of 180’s, in the typical muddy Scottish terrain modulation is king and 203 mm can be too grabby on the front.
Pedals are the new DMR V Twin, boasting Shimano style engagement with a bigger platform. I really like them, and luckily they are also available in blue.
Wheels are the Ibis 942’s with a 35 mm internal width, running the new e*thirteen TRS. The 27.5” 742’s won our Carbon Wheel group test so I hope the 29er versions will have the same awesome performance. The Industry Nine Torch hub certainly hooks up fast and sounds like a wasp on meth.
My what a long pole! 14.2 cm longer than a Large Spectral, it’s going to be an interesting season.