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Unior 2019 – new tools and the best clamping work stand

We thought that the Unior portfolio already contained everything a bike mechanic could wish for. Nevertheless, the Slovenians succeeded in presenting new products at Eurobike that make the life of every home-mechanic easier.

A real highlight is the new clamping mechanism. It’s super simple and lightning fast.

Anyone who has ever lifted a heavy bike into a bad work stand knows how annoying a fiddly clamping mechanism can be. The new Unior Pro Shop Clamp is the most comfortable system we have used so far. Simply lift the bike, press the clamp together and tighten it with the lever if necessary. To remove, slightly unscrew the clamp and then completely open it with the red lever. Best of all, the Unior Pro Shop Clamp is compatible with all Unior stands and can easily be retrofitted.

The action of the clamping mechanism is nice and light.
To open, just turn the crank and then pull the red lever. The clamp opens completely.
Particularly exciting for bike shops. The Unior Pedal Genie allows you to easily, comfortably and quickly adjust the drivetrain without the need of pedals.

The new Unior Pedal Genie Tool is especially interesting for bike shops. Very useful whenever there no pedals on the cranks, but you still have to adjust the gears. It comes with two attachments: one simply gets inserted into the crank, the other can be screwed in with a thread.

With the new 2-in-1 disc tool, the rotor can be straightened, and the brake pads pressed back

The 2-in-1 disc tool is new also. Not only can you straighten a rotor without damaging your hand, but you can also press the brake pads back before replacing them.

The new bottom bracket wrenches are precisely machined and available for all common standards

The new bottom bracket wrenches are CNC machined with extreme precision and have a ribbing to make it easier to screw the bearing into the frame with your fingers before it is completely screwed in with a ratchet. They are only available in red.

You ask yourself why all the tools in the case are red? In the USA another tool manufacturer has a patent on blue tools. For this reason, Unior offers all their tools in red. Unior has also entered into a partnership with bike manufacturer TREK, offering dealers exclusive complete packages for their workshops.

Also: two revised torque wrenches with an adjustment range of 1-20 and 4.2-85 Nm

For more information head to the Unior-Website .

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