Video | 10 Must-See Mountain Bike Videos 2015

Imagine there would be no videos of brave men and women on two wheels jumping huge gaps, crushing rough steeps and carving creative lines through the woods of our earth. Our sport wouldn’t be where it is today! Most of us got into bike riding through watching and getting inspired by this kind of videos. For your enjoyment, we have collected 10 absolutely Must-See’s of this year. You shouldn’t miss any of them, take a look!

Coastal Crew – The Burn

When it comes to good Mountainbike videos, the Canadian Coastal Crew isn’t far away! With ‘The Burn’ the Crew shows you what can make out of burnt piece of forest. Creating something new out of destruction! In this case a Mountainbike video becomes a small piece of art. Check out ‚The Burn – Outtakes‘ to get an impression of the quality of footage that didn’t even make it into the final version. Impressive!

Bryn Atkinson Washington edit

Bryn Atkinson is another rider who has made us happy with his many awesome videos throughout the year. So he clearly deserved it to be part of this collection! With a funky soundtrack, Bryn grooves down the hill in Washington. Nature makes it even better with heavy colors and wilderness everywhere. Just pure fun to watch this clip, yew!

Cruisin’ with Mike Hopkins

Mike Hopkins and Scott Secco could catch a feeling we all now with this rad piece of film. Cruisin’! The video is made of just one shot but it still conveys a lot. Mike Hopkins rushes through by speed blurred green!

F*ck You – Get Pumped

Rock ‘n Roll – what would Mountainbiking be without any bad boy image? Boring! Joel Anderson is absolutely pinned in his ‘F*ck You – Get Pumped’! You can clearly see that this fella is pushing his steed to the limit but still has unbelievable bike control. The breezy guitar sound fits perfectly to the vibe of the video as well as the cut and camera work! High-End HD wouldn’t be the right choice here. Let’s shred!

Church Two

‘Church’ is something special. Already the first part could capture so well what it means to head out for a ride with your best buddy like nearly no other video. The second part just continues, awesome! Especially the different kind of riding of the two buddies put on together with this soundtrack is just classy entertainment. A good example how good a video can look like without pro speed on the bike. Special: In the less serious intro there’s something to laugh at.

Henry Fitzgerald – Easy Rider

Both the filmmaker and the rider, are still super young but super sick! In ‘Easy Rider’, Henry Fitzgerald is killing it with super techy riding on one of his home trails. The fast and hectic camerawork let it even through the computer screen still look super impressive. Which is sometimes harder to do as you would think of. 10 out of 10!

Rally Team, Irish round #2 Enduro World Series 2015

A special team report! The filmmaker of this report captured perhaps the best Enduro World Series race so far in an awesome way. From the view of the Rocky Mountain – Urge Rally Team, you get pure the atmosphere as if you were there. A great piece of advertising for Enduro Racing!

R-Dog — 3 Bikes, 3 Minutes

‘3 bikes, 3 minutes’ is a cool project of Trek Bicycles where one rider shreds 3 different bikes in a 3-minute video. Especially the episode with the Californian Ryan Howard (R-Dog) is too sick to miss! Ryan crushes with his unique style the Coast Gravity Park like nobody else, it doesn’t matter which bike he is riding. The soundtrack gives the whole thing the needed vibe. Just marvel and enjoy!


Everyone of us knows the sounds of a wet ride in the rain. If not you certainly can remember them after watching ‘Wetness’! Curtis Robinson and his Crew had a rad and unique idea and they did an awesome job of making it real. This video luckily doesn’t contain any music, too beautiful is the sound of Curtis’ bike shredding through puddles. The Canadian rides surfer like the completely watered trail! This video is also a good motivation to get your ass off the couch if it pours outside!

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk’s unReal Segment

Brandon Semenuk is perhaps the best video rider of our planet. With his full length ‚Revel in the Chaos‘ he and Rupert Walker (Filmmaker) stepped up the game. Also, his segment in ‘unReal’ is unmistakable. It’s made of just one long shot which leaves you with your mound open. You have to consider the amount of work you have to put into film and also ride this without any break or cut. Hats off!

Thank you

Finally there should go out a big thank you to all the people behind the camera, who capture our sport so beautiful and transport it into the endless world wide web. You guys definitely deserve more limelight!

Words: Pirmin Kuß