Episode 1: Mountain Creek Bike Park

From Where We Stand: “Well, here it is! After several months of planning, production and post-production efforts, we’re ready for the world to see what we have been working so hard on! Our 1st of 4 installments takes place at Mountain Creek Bike Park in beautiful Vernon, New Jersey. A legendary freeride and downhill spot, we wanted to take a slightly different approach to filming and riding there.

“All-mountain” bikes are quickly becoming the bread and butter of the cycling industry. They shred the downhills while making uphill exploration fun and easy. Their versatility makes for a much more flexible approach to a mountain bike flick; the trail doesn’t have to point straight down for us to go fast and send it on them. Jeff Lenosky, Matt Miller, Harlan Price and George Ryan are featured along with Brice Shirbach on some of the rockiest and gnarly terrain the east coast has to offer its riders.”

Episode 2: Oneonta, NY

From Where We Stand: “Our second of four episodes is here and Oneonta is ready for you to feast your eyes upon it’s lush forests, perfect dirt and amazing rocks. Situated just west of the Catskill mountains in central New York, Oneonta is quickly becoming a mountain biker’s dream town. Five minutes from downtown sees riders in the middle of 40 miles of singletrack, and that number is growing. Two universities in town have brought ample amounts of volunteerism to the trails and the talent being produced is starting to command attention.

Sam Brown-Shaklee is one of the premier riders from the region and alongside his good friend and fellow upstater Paul Dotsenko, we get to see just how fast and fun these trails can really be!”

Episode 3: Reading, PA

From Where We Stand: “Our third installment of the 4-part web series From Where We Stand takes us to the trails of beautiful Mount Penn, flanking the east side of Reading, Pennsylvania. Reading isn’t especially well known for being a mountain bike destination however, times are a changin’ and the community that has been developing there for decades is ready to show the world what they’ve been up to.

Dane Clay is the trail coordinator and one of the men behind the trails and the community development and alongside world cup racer Neko Mulally and his younger brother and fellow pro downhiller Logan, we explore some of the steepest, gnarliest and most fun trails in all of Pennsylvania!”

Episode 4: Newark, DE

From Where We Stand: “Well folks, we’re at our journey’s end. Our series was designed to give an articulate voice to the people who have helped contribute some amazing things to the east coast community; through their riding, trail building and advocacy. It’s fitting that our final episode takes place in a shining example of what a driven collection of people can bring to a community. Newark, Delaware is probably far from what most people imagine when they think of mountain bike destinations and yet, the flowy and beautifully sculpted trails of White Clay Creek and Middle Run offer riders some of the most fun to be found on bikes.

From Where We Stand is a love letter to the east coast mountain bike community. There are so many incredible places to ride your bike around the world and the east coast is no exception. The community is tight knit, the terrain often unforgiving and the riders are as passionate as they come. For mountain bikers on the east coast and everywhere else; this is for you. If you don’t currently ride, hopefully this inspires you to get out on the trail. If nothing else, enjoy a glimpse into the forests and on the trails we spend so much of our time in and on.”

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