Just like any other trip, my choice of destination is very important, seeking that fine balance between my abilities, level, landscapes, and expectations.
Slovenia and the Julian Alps seemed relatively unknown and little explored by mountain bikes, especially in its high altitudes. Yet it´s an extraordinary place, this land is unique, translucent rivers travel the country, the people are hospitable to perfection, fauna and flora is well developed and maintained. I knew that I needed to explore the area and find out more, so it was time to make a trip to film an episode of “ici c’est bien”!.


It was important for me to do more that just ride, so I chose to travel for about ten days; 5 days of riding and the remaining time free to immerse myself with my camera.
This session was a bit special, the disastrous and unpredictable weather had been very bad. It was raining almost all the time, and only two days allowed me to ride. So it was an intense time trying to collect my images!
I tried to discover as many things as possible in a short time and I had to familiarize myself with the ground very quickly. Conditions were tough physically, although the ride was so cool after the 4500m and almost 12 hours of cumulative portage, but it was worth the effort!
The summit of this mountain is fabulous, 100% limestone, pure white, devoid of vegetation and filled with mystical silence. Only animals seem to be the masters of the house … A perfect playground for me, for true mountain bikers, with ultra technical trails!


I was particularly well equipped for this session, my Intense Tracer 275 is the perfect bike for this type of terrain: a real all-mountain shredder, the bike for whatever the conditions! Fully equipped with the association Hutchinson cougar / squale extra soft rubber, tenacious grip is guaranteed. I enjoyed the excellent qualities of my Urge Bike Product helmet and all my equipment Vaude and Race Face provided, it provided very important comfort in this session of wet, fresh and committed weather! Looking back, I have chose this destination for its technical and challenging side, is what I have done from a young age and what has always been fun for me with my bike. It’s all I know now.

After the High Atlas, this radically different but incredible destination has already got me excited to plan the third episode of the series, it will not be long.
What is certain is that it will always be about fun and always push myself in fabulous landscapes … Stay tuned!

Words & Pictures: Rodolphe Pasciuto

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