A few years back, mountain biking for Max was only about biking. Spending as much time as possible on my bike. Preferably on narrow trails and paths. Over little jumps and down steep descents. It just didn’t matter what was next to these trails. Forests, fields, railways, roads or houses. With sight set a few meters ahead of the bike, it was all about the moment on the bike. Flow, fun, joy!

In den Dolomiten ist es ruhig und entspannt – oder ?
The Dolomites seem quiet and calm – don’t they?

However, with the years mountain biking for Max became MOUNTAIN biking. He discovered the mountains and their unique experiences as essential aspects of a perfect tour. Summits, adventures, wide views and wilderness make a good and special mountain bike tour and are equally important as the pure joy of biking. Just like that, Max sometimes prefers enjoying the calm challenges at long mountain adventure more than the chase for seconds on bike races.

Die langsamen Aufstiege sind eine gute Abwechslung zur Hatz in den Enduro-Rennen.
The long ascends present a nice alternative to racing.
Eine Menge Spaß ist trotzdem garantiert!
A lot of fun is guaranteed!
Max genießt die ruhigen Momente.
Max enjoys calm and quiet moments.

The Dolomites in South Tyrol provide the perfect scenery. Among the shades of impressive rock faces perfect bike trails are hiding. They offer special mountain/bike experiences. Technical challenges, that suit his riding style. And he can meet mountaineers who inspire him. It is a different world up there between the rocks. A world, Max always enjoys visiting.

Words: Max Schuhmann Photos: Tobias Woggon

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