Slowly but surely the race season is kicking off. Over the past weekend the 2016 DOLCENDURO in Dolceacqua, Italy took place with some big names in attendance! Catch all the action below:

After four and a half months of winter break, the Urge 1001 Enduro Tour was back on March 6 of 2016, for its tenth season and for the first time in Italy, at Dolceacqua. An Italian opening round with no less than 300 rider from 9 different nationalities. The 1001 Enduro Tour goes international, but it does not forgot the values that have made it successful over the last ten years: special stages amazingly fun and varied (three in this case: the first one very physical, the second one very fas and the last one very technical), wonderful views on the shining sea at South and on freshly snow-covered Alps summits at North, crazy trail-building by the Supernatural Racing Team, sun (up to 20°C), great friendly atmosphere (with hundreds of spectators along stages), good meal on arrival (particularly there in Italy where good food is just in the DNA), and as always a very tough level with many EWS riders (Nico Vouilloz, Adrien Dailly, Alex Cure, Dimitri Tordo, Cécile and Cédric Ravanel…) fighting against the best riders of the Urge 1001 Enduro Tour (Olivier Giordanengo, Rémy Quillévéré, Valentin Escriou, Julie Duvert, etc.), some big french and swiss names (Baptiste Gaillot, Florian Golay) and obviously all the Italian mtb scene really motivated to honor their flag on their land (including Marco Milivinti, the Lupato brothers or Davide De Bella). Unfortunately for them, they didn’t succeed to stop the French enduro law on the Dolceacqua’s trails, especially Nicolas Vouilloz and Cécile Ravanel, who took every best times on the 3 stages, and finally the win. At the end of the 55 km race, Lapierre iconic rider took his first 2016 victory ahead his teammate Adrien Dailly and Julien Camellini, who seems to be back to his best ; while Julie Duvert (double defending champion #1001) and Valentina Macheda completed the girly podium.

Results of the DOLCENDURO 2016:

1. Nicolas Vouilloz (19m06)
2. Adrien Dailly (+23sec)
3. Julien Camellini (+1mn00)
4. Slawomir Lukasik (+1m21)
5. Dimitri Tordo (+1m23)
6. Marco Milivinti (+1m23)
7. Alexandre Cure (+1m30)
8. Cédric Ravanel (+1m38)
9. Baptiste Gaillot (+1m41)
10. Premek Tejchman (+1m42)

1. Cécile Ravanel
2. Julie Duvert
3. Valentina Macheda

1. Xavier Marovelli
2. Laurent Solliet
3. François Dola


For more information and full results visit the 1001SENTIERS.FR – Wesbite.

Photos: Greg Germain

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