If you’ve been to any big race you’re sure to have seen them, racing around, exhausted and never stopping for a break, no not the racers, we are talking about the photographers! In the hunt for that elusive shot, or to capture the feel of an event nobody works harder than the media teams. If you have ever wondered what they are carrying, the ENDURO team of photographers and Videographers will be sharing what’s in their bag, and some useful advice for those who want to get more into MTB media.

Noah Haxel is currently serving an internship at the ENDURO HQ in Stuttgart. He enjoys getting a lot of routine in right now, mainly shooting material for the small product reviews. He loves going out, shooting good times with locals and other employees, and has therefore designed his 10kg Evoc CP35L around being able to shoot many different situations.

Keeping up the mood bring out the best in the riders and me!
Keeping up the mood bring out the best in the riders and me!

I love integrating the shoot into a ride, as it creates a better atmosphere with the rider than just plainly walking to a location. I also like to integrate the riders into my routine, having a blast with friends mostly brings out more than a cold, too professional environment. Therefore, my pack is light and has everything I need in it. For longer rides, it even holds a hydration bladder!
On these out and about shoots, I tend to spec down my pack from the flashes, as I don’t want to take the time to set them up every time. I eased up this routine by keeping the flashes in the yellow compartment, which comes out nice and easy.


Camera Gear:

For events and crowds, I like to carry a Fujifilm X100s, a small, decent APSC-Camera with a fixed 35mm lens, which lets me get up close and personal, without intimidating someone, as it doesn’t scream „professional“ or „this goes straight to the Internet“. My workhorse is a Canon 7D, usually equipped with an EF 24-105mm f/4.0 IS. This combination has been covered in rain, dust, mud and snow and shows quite some battle scars, but never really failed on me. Ever since I’ve got the EF-S 10-22mm (which equals 16-35mm for all those full-frame sensor lovers), I really enjoy getting right up the action experimenting with more close up shots. I also carry a trusty 50mm f/1.4 for those creamy detail shots in rather unpleasant shooting grounds (like the mud-covered ENDURO garage).


I always carry a Merino Buff and a soft-shell jacket, as waiting for the riders to get ready can get you pretty cold. Although I don’t like to go hard with the heavy camera gear on my back (I am really small by the way), I always carry my RaceFace Ambush Knee Protectors. You just never know! It is basically the same with my leatherman (which I always loose), a multi-tool, a flashlight and some gaffers tape. My most important part of the bag? Some snacks, which keep me and the riders running!

Some of Noahs Work:

You can find more of his work on his Website or Instagram.

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Words & Photos: Noah Haxel

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