If you’ve been to any big race you’re sure to have seen them, racing around, exhausted and never stopping for a break, no not the racers, we are talking about the photographers! In the hunt for that elusive shot, or to capture the feel of an event nobody works harder than the media teams. If you have ever wondered what they are carrying, the ENDURO team of photographers and Videographers will be sharing what’s in their bag, and some useful advice for those who want to get more into MTB media.

Christoph has been working with ENDURO for more than two years now, shaping the look of both website and magazine with his photos. He mainly picks up his camera for bigger productions but also shoots travel stories, factory visits and race reports.


When you look at the bags of some professionals, they carry big, chunky backpacks with loads of equipment. For my part, I like it reduced, as a heavy pack only stops me from working efficiently. Of course, I own some flashes, but I rarely take them onto location. I usually plan my shootings before and know, what is going to be captured and which style I’m going after. I’m then packing my Evoc CP 26L according to what I need. The photo shows my travel setup, including different lenses, two identical camera bodies and some small video equipment as well.


Camera Equipment

I use two Canon full-frame Cameras with high-end lenses. At the moment, I prefer the Canon 5D MKIII over the 1D-Models, because the body is smalle and you loose nothing but a few frames per second. Two identical bodies ensure that I can be sure on location and dont have to search for buttons etc. My minimalistic setup contains a Canon EF 16-35 f/4.0 IS, an EF 24-70 f/2.8 II and an EF 70-200 f/2.8 IS II. I often bring a Walimex 14 mm-Wideangle as well. With this lens, I’m really close to the action and get a lot of dirt on the lens. A GoPro and a DJI Osmo let me catch some video as well.


The most important part of a shooting is a relaxed atmosphere. Pressure and hectic rush reduce creativity and motivation. That’s why I always carry some energy bars for me and the riders. The rest of the pack varies from shooting to shooting – In winter I bring warm clothes, in summer, I will bring sunscreen.

A few of Christophs Shots

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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