You may not yet have heard of Yep components but given the quality of their Yep Uptimizer 2.0 HC that’s sure to change. We put the Yep Uptimizer 2.0 HC to the test.

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

Yep Uptimizer 2.0 HC | 573 g | 185 mm as tested | € 380 including Yep Remote

Hand-assembled in Ticino in southern Switzerland, the attention to detail and overall feeling of quality of the Yep Uptimizer 2.0 HC is very high. Yep offer the Uptimizer in two models: the 2.0 HC is an internally routed post available in 80, 100, 125, 155 and 185 mm drops. The ST model features external routing instead. The design of the post is very nice. It is manufactured from 7075-T6v aluminium and we love that the CNC machined collar is available in one of eight different colours to match your bike. These are also available aftermarket so you can change colour schemes if you like to match your collars and cuffs. The post uses a hydraulic cartridge with an adjustable return speed. You do need to use a pump adapter to change the air pressure in the system but we like that the system runs on a lower pressure (130-180 psi) than most, meaning the seals have to work less hard.

Overall the Yep Uptimizer screams quality. Tolerances are tight and the post has a premium feel, it is expensive and it feels it.

The 52 mm stack height is compact, allowing more drop for those with short legs
The simple but rugged construction of the Yep Uptimizer 2.0 proved faultless in our testing
The old school joystick-remote can be activated from 360 degrees. It might not be as ergonomic as a shifter style remote, it may suit those running 2x drivetrains or eMTB riders.
Post Price Total length1 Max insertion2 Ride height3 Stack height4 Travel [mm] Weight (incl. remote) Mechanism
Yep Uptimizer HC 2.0 € 380 535 mm 290 mm 205 mm 52 mm 80 – 100 – 125 – 155 – 185 573 g Cable

During testing, this post has been totally reliable. The stiction is very low and the post can be activated from any riding position without binding. There’s no play in the post from new and over the test period, only minimal play developed at the post head. Installation is simple, with the cable length adjusted at the remote, not the post. We also like that the head of the post features conical nuts which helps squeeze a saddle in without undoing the bolts all the way. However, all this aside, the main talking point of the new Yep Uptimizer is the 26g joystick remote. Over the last few generations of seat posts, joystick-style remotes have fallen a little out of favour, replaced instead with shifter-style designs. While it polarised our testers, the beauty of the joystick remote is that it can be operated from almost any angle. However, in general, they do lack the positive feel of a shifter remote.

If you run a 1x drivetrain we would still argue that a shifter remote is far cleaner and easier to operate, but if you still run 2x or have a large eMTB remote on the left-hand side of your bars, then a joystick option may work great.


The Yep Uptimizer is a high-quality post and the only post that allows you to add a bit of colour to your bike. The joystick remote polarised our testers, but if you have cluttered barr, the remote is more versatile than a trigger shifter.


  • high quality build
  • different colour options


  • joystick not as positive as a shifter remote
  • expensive

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Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

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